Guest Star: "To F*cking Clear Earl Sweatshirt & French Montana, Of Course These Are My Boys, But..."

Tuesday, May 7, 2013 5:15PM

Written by SOHH for Harry Fraud

[With the long-awaited Scion A/V Presents: High Tide available today, mega producer Harry Fraud gives SOHH readers the inside scoop on his newest release and jamming Tech N9ne, Earl Sweatshirt, Smoke DZA, Action Bronson, French Montana and more onto the five-track EP.]

The relationship came up through different things. The Scion A/V, they're definitely progressive thinkers in how they market to people. You can't just f*cking make commercials and make ads anymore. It's way more lifestyle-based now.

They basically reached out and started as kind of the possibility of doing some shows and doing some vinyls and doing some singles and this and that. Through talking and doing whatever, obviously we came up with some stuff.

They've done things like this before but I'm not sure if it was to this measure. I mean, to f*cking clear Earl Sweatshirt and French Montana, of course these are my boys, but the business behind it is still the business behind it. It's still the music business. Boys or not boys, the sh*t was still very involving.

I think that we basically put together the idea of doing an EP and a show that we did last year which was me and [Curren$y] performing Cigarette Boats all the way through. It was a one-time thing. If you were there, you were there. They were open to letting me [do me]. they trusted me, knowing what I do with my brand.

There's intangible things today with artists these days. I'm not like, Mr. F*cking Produce Every Hot Single. People f*ck with me because I'm genuine and I put music out for people to enjoy. The same people that f*ck with Wiz [Khalifa] or Spitta, or anybody like that, or Mac Miller, or any of those artists that you can make a real connection with, I think Scion can identify with that.

They wanted to partner up and for me, it's so beautiful because I get to obviously make some money but I also get to put the music out for free. For me, I can't see a better business model because I want to put the music out for free.

I know how it is, man. Number one, kids don't all got money and number two, if we're going to try to fight what's going on in this Digital Age, we're going to lose. There's no fighting this. It is what it is. It's like when motherf*ckers tried to fight CDs when CDs first came out. Nobody wanted CDs.

This is something that's happening. I just want to make sure I can keep giving people what they want because they're f*cking with me and Scion let me do that.

And also, for me, this is what I'm going to do now. I'm going to set a precedent. I'm going to build relationships with brands and help those brands get to where they need to get and let them help me get my music to where I need to get it without having to rely on taking a loan out from a record label.

Fortunately for me, I grew up in the music industry, immersed in the music industry so I completely understand the back and front. I don't need a loan. I can make music by myself. I don't need $100,000 to get my album out. I can make my songs, I just need help to get it into people's hands.

I think you'll see other artists doing the same thing but I think slowly but surely, this is something people are going to f*ck with, this business model. It's beneficial for both parties.

Harry Fraud has been in the rap game remixing and producing tracks since 2009. In just a few years, Harry Fraud has put together a powerful catalogue, featuring collaborations with many of this generation's most influential hip-hop artists. From mainstream to the underground, Fraud has enlisted a true who's-who of the rap game, including including French Montana, Jadakiss, Nicki Minaj, P. Diddy, Rick Ross, Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, Sean Price, Styles P, Fat Joe, Action Bronson, Joey BADA$$, Pusha T, Mistah FAB, and Mac Miller. This past November, Scion A/V hosted an open mic event at Public Assembly in Brooklyn, NY, a one-time-only performance of Harry Fraud's previously released EP Cigarette Boats.

Check out the High Tide EP:

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