News: Snoop Drops His $546,000 Problem Like It's Hot

Sunday, May 12, 2013 9:03AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

West Coast rap veteran Snoop Dogg can breathe a bit easier these days as new reports claim he has paid more than $500,000 to settle a tax bill.

According to reports, Snoop Dizzle recently shelled out $546,000 to make things right with Uncle Sam.

Snoop Dogg could have bought (and munched on) 153,000 Big Macs ... 289,000 Chalupas ... or 500,000 bags of Cheetos ... but instead he chose to pay off his tax bill, all $546,000 of it!!! TMZ broke the story ... the IRS slapped Snoop (now Lion) -- real name Calvin Broadus -- with a massive tax lien? back in February, claiming he still owed back taxes for the years 2009 and 2011. Not one to leave Uncle Sam hanging ... Snoop recently paid his debt in full -- $546,270.29 to be exact -- and the lien was released late last month. (TMZ)

Buzz behind Snoop's legal woes bubbled online last February.

Snoop Dogg, now Snoop Lion, has once again found himself at odds with the federal government. In 2008, the IRS filed against legendary hip-hop artist for owing $476,000 in unpaid taxes, but soon after the tax docs were file Snoop quickly paid up. But it looks like history repeats itself. (Black Enterprise)

Back in September 2011, the Dogg Father made good on a tax debt by paying nearly $500,000 to the government.

Rap superstar Snoop Dogg has settled an outstanding tax bill dating back to 2008. The "Drop It Like It's Hot" hitmaker, real name Calvin Broadus, Jr., was slapped with an invoice from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) after failing to hand over $476,338. But the hip-hop icon is now in the clear - he paid the sum on Sept. 15. (Toronto Sun)

Snoop recently made headlines for having police come through and nearly shutdown his "National Smoke Day" celebration.

"The Police tried to shut the party down. Then once I got there we had a conversation with the police and they allowed the party to continue, because it was a holiday; It was an international holiday - 4/20," said Snoop. "My partner pulled him [the police chief] to the side. He was a great, great chief and he was willing to understand. We just trying to party chief. We doing a millon other things, we just trying to smoke and have a good time. And the chief was like, 'save me a couple of blizys and I'll let y'all have your party.' So we did that," joked Snoop. (CBS Local)

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