Guest Star: "I'm Just Trying To Work So I Can Show The 'Snowman' How Valuable I Can Be"

Tuesday, May 14, 2013 4:00PM

Written by SOHH for Tone Trump

[With Young Jeezy now busy as Atlantic Records senior vice president of A&R, the rapper's Corporate Thugz Enetertainment protégé Tone Trump updates SOHH readers on the "Snowman" and maintaining a working relationship despite hectic schedules.]

I'm at a point in my career where I'm just trying to work so I can show the "Snowman" how valuable I can be in this hip-hop culture right now.

I work and I grind and got him to believe in me and now I just want to show people why. I already got the buzz and people know of me, I've put a billion videos on World Star and I'm just supporting the "Snowman" and everything that he do and vice-versa. Young Jeezy is definitely supporting me. I'm always going to have love for the president of the company.

Everybody over here, there's a lot of rebuilding going on and I want to be a focal point of that. It's like a basketball team and I feel like I'm the rookie. I was on that high of being here but now I'm off that high and it's about working.

I want to show people why this guy from Atlanta took the time to acknowledge and bring over a kid from Philly. Everybody thinks because I'm over here that I'm done and that's not the case.

I've got to put out a classic project. Until then, I've got work to do. It's on me, Tone Trump. And Jeezy has already done so much for me even more than just a music standpoint. Even just letting me be around and seeing so many things, going on tour, writing on tour and learning so much.

Say what you want, but this man is a legend. He's definitely opened a lot of doors for me and I'm forever grateful. This is the year to prove myself. I feel like this is a very, very important summer for me and it's feeling like this is going to be my rookie/first year in the NBA.

There's so much I want to prove. It's like [Cleveland Cavaliers guard] Kyrie Irving. Nobody was talking about him at the start of the season then right after the All-Star Break everybody's been talking about him. That's what I want to do.

Hip-hop is so political. I want people to think of CTE as more than just Young Jeezy kind of like how Kendrick Lamar is with Top Dawg Entertainment. It's not just about him, you've got Jay Rock and ScHoolboy Q and everyone over there working. That's kind of what I want to do.

I want to stand on my own but at the same time support Young Jeezy and everything he do. He's my brother and mentor and I want to make him proud.

In 2007, Tone Trump teamed up with fellow Philadelphia-area rappers Jay Bezel and Hedonis da Amazon to produce an antiviolence single entitled "Every Day Is Crazy." One of Tone Trump's songs was chosen for the soundtrack for Close to Death, a documentary on urban gun violence by Philadelphia-based producers, getting him on the radar of a few major record labels. He also owns his own record label, Top Notch Entertainment. He was also signed to G-Unit Philly and also a member of The G-Unit Philly Group (with Mike Knox, Ive Vegas, Cotic) from 2009 he left the label due to a feud with co member Mike Knox . In January 2010, Tone Trump made a collaboration with Black Wall Street's artist Nu Jerzey Devil called "What It Look Like." He recently signed a deal with Young Jeezy's CTE World label.

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