Underrated: "He Could Have Been Super, Super, Super International But Was Just Happy Where He Was"

Tuesday, May 28, 2013 7:26AM

Written by SOHH for Bobby Brackins

[Each week, SOHH asks two entertainment personalities to name who they feel is the most underrated emcee in hip-hop. After Harry Fraud gave Cormega the title last week, West Coast rapper Bobby Brackins crowns Keak da Sneak SOHH Underrated.]


Someone that's super underrated, coming from Oakland, like when I was in high school, of course we grew up listening to Mac Dre all day. Rest in peace. It's really cool that Drake shouted him out in the "Motto" song [off Take Care].

That shout-out really helped make people go back and listen to all of his old stuff. But along with Mac, I've got to say Keak da Sneak. I've been listening to him heavy.

He was one of the main influences for all Oakland rappers, as far as being very inspirational. I think he's still making music. Keak was just one of those rappers who could have been super, super, super international but I think he was just happy where he was at.

He's super talented and Keak da Sneak was one of those guys. Being an underrated artist, there's more underrated artists than you could even imagine. There's so many talented artists out there.

It's all about your drive, it's all about your team and who you network with. There's too many underrated artists out there. There's just too many to think about but Keak da Sneak is one of those artists that I listened to in high school a lot and maybe not as many people in other regions were aware of him.

Bobby spent the most of 2011 perfecting his artistry and lyrical skill, he wrote a hit single for Oakland native and now Disney superstar, Zendaya, titled "Swag it out". In addition to that Bobby completed "The Young and Hung Over" tour sharing the bill with the Prince of LA "YG" and Ty$. After jumping off of that tour Bobby decided to continue his travel across the country promoting his new mix tape "Pimp Hand Strong." He has performed at numerous summer jams events and has even obtained Billboard top 100 success! April 25, 2012 marked the day that Bobby Released his final mix tape titled "Stay on it" which the remix to his record Golden State, "Earthquake" launched off of with heavy radio rotation. Bobby Brackins is the Co-founder of clothing line Lost Kats, a shiek exclusive brand catered towards people that are unique in their ways and are ok with being different.

Check out Keak da Sneak's music:

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