News: Chris Brown Sprays Off Neighbors' Complaints: "KISS MY RULE-BREAKING A**!!!"

Thursday, May 16, 2013 8:40AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

R&B singer Chris Brown is ready to go to war with Los Angeles neighbors, vowing to keep his controversial goblin graffiti up around the outside of his private home.

According to reports, Chris Breezy is far from shook and is down to battle it out with local residents.

Chris Brown has a message for the people trying to force him to remove the graffiti art in front of his house -- KISS MY RULE-BREAKING ASS!!! We broke the story ... Breezy's Hollywood Hills neighbors complained to the city about the unpermitted mural he sprayed on the front of his home ... and now he's facing huge fines from the city if he doesn't take it down ASAP. But when we asked Brown this week if he plans to back down from city officials, CB made it clear -- he's digging in for a fight. (TMZ)

Renowned graffiti artist Alan Ket spoke to SOHH this week about Brown's headline-generating artwork and the backlash it has received.

"I think the Chris Brown graffiti thing is ridiculous for a couple reasons. It's ridiculous that he's being harassed because it's his own property. He should be able to do what he wants because it's his own property. I guess different towns have their own regulations but I just think it's ridiculous from that perspective, from a legal perspective. From an aesthetic perspective, what he's doing is not so good. It doesn't have high, artistic merit, so to speak, or exhibit great, technical skill or great artistic ability. It's pretty mediocre but that's just how I see it. I don't think this has anything to do with [the graffiti culture] at all. It's just a guy who is a backpainter who painted in front of his house with some wacky cartoons. It has nothing to do with graffiti culture, it has nothing to do with tagging or any of the movement or even the ideas that come to mind when you think of graffiti. You don't necessary think of bad cartoons." (SOHH)

A few days ago, Breezy hopped onto Twitter to go off on his neighbors.

Keep em inside then! It's art. There are scarier creatures on Harry potter. Get a f*cking life!," he tweeted May 12th.
""Lords of dogtown"is how I live my life. #Free ima paint until my hands fall off." (Chris Brown's Twitter)

Recently, reports claimed neighbors complained about the artwork being so disturbing that the city demanded Brown remove it within a month.

Chris Brown's neighbors are unhappy with the creepy art he's chosen to have painted along a wall of his Hollywood Hills home. A neighborhood group says the R&B singer -- notorious for battering and bruising the face of girlfriend Rihanna -- is scaring kids with the red-eyed goblins he had painted along a retaining wall. The city has ordered him to remove it within 30 days. (New York Post)

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