News: Arrest Warrant Issued For Deceased Rapper Tim Dog

Wednesday, May 22, 2013 10:45AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Late rapper Tim Dog's family may hope he's really resting in peace as reports claim an arrest warrant has been issued for him courtesy of a Mississippi judge.

Although Dog allegedly passed away over the winter, new speculation of his possible existence has sparked the need for a warrant.

A Desoto County,MS judge has issued an arrest warrant for Rapper 'Tim Dog' who is supposed to be dead. Tim Dog, or Timothy Blair, was convicted of swindling a Southhaven women in 2011, but it was reported he died in February. Hernando Prosecutor Steven Jubera says if Tim Dog is alive, he's pulling of the greatest scam ever in the history of hip hop. And if he's alive, he's also going to jail. "I need proof," said Jubera. Proof is not easy to get when it comes to Blair. Prosecutor Jubera says he will drop the arrest warrant, if Tim Dog's family members can come forward and show proof of his death. (WREG)

Last week, reports of a woman claiming the New York rapper is nothing more than a scam artist who faked his death for financial reasons emerged.

A woman who was swindled by a famous rapper says 'Tim Dog' may be up to his biggest scam yet. The rapper reportedly died in February, but the Mid-South woman he scammed believes the con man may have faked his own death. Timothy Blair, more commonly known as Tim Dog, owes her money. When he was reported dead, she says, all the payments stopped. He got famous in the 90s for his song about Compton, but Tim Dog's lasting legacy, in Esther Pilgrim's mind, will be something else, "He really thinks he can outsmart everybody." She says the rapper swindled her out $32,000, "A fictitious business deal." She's not the only one who says Tim Dog is a con man. "Twenty victims have contacted me personally from around the world," she said. (WREG News)

February reports suggested the "F*ck Compton" hitmaker lost a battle with diabetes on Valentine's Day.

Hip Hop mourns its first loss of 2013, with the death of BX veteran rapper Timothy "Tim Dog" Blair today from a seizure following a long bout with diabetes. He was 46 years old. Tim Dog was present and active during a pivotal time in Hip Hop and unapolgetically made his mark. The Source would like to send our condolences to his family and friends. Rest In Peace. (The Source)

The rapper made a name for himself in the early 1990's with his infectious "F*ck Compton" diss record.

Veteran Bronx rapper Timothy Blair (a.k.a. Tim Dog) was found dead today at the age of 46. Tim Dog suffered from a seizure earlier today stemming from his long-time battle with diabetes. Tim Dog was best known in the early '90s when he was on the front lines of the East Coast/West Coast hip-hop battle. Blair released what is arguably his most famous song, the diss track "F*ck Compton," in 1991. R.I.P. Tim Dog. (Complex)

Check out Tim Dog's "F*ck Compton":

Although Dog allegedly passed away over the winter, new speculation of his possible existence has sparked the need for a warrant.

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