Singled Out: "This Is One Of The First Records I Did Since I Stopped Smoking Weed"

Tuesday, Apr 16, 2013 7:00AM

Written by SOHH for Nature

[SOHH highlights a hot record each Tuesday and offers a unique look at the track in Singled Out. After Tone Trump decoded his new "What You Smoking On" single, New York rap veteran Nature breaks down his "Rock Like This" track.]

My guy Skammadix does beats for the team, my whole entire movement, and I just basically wanted to make a record that reminded me of that pure hip-hop. I didn't want to pop no bottles, I wasn't trying to talk about popping Molly or models or nothing. I just wanted to stick to my roots and make something that felt really dope.

This is a record that I made so everyone could relate to it. I didn't want to single anybody out. I went in the studio and banged out. That's my normal routine. Sometimes I just let the pen talk. With this one, I wanted to make something people could relate to and that was kind of clear. It's not too far-fetched and there's nothing imaginary in it. It's pure hip-hop, the stuff that I love that I really see there's a void of these days, not to knock nobody.

This record is farily new, I probably did it a couple months ago. It's a 2013 record. I heard the beat and I knew I loved it when I first heard it. That was it for me.

I was blown away by this beat and this is actually one of the first records I've done since I stopped smoking weed. So it was dope to be able to listen to all of the elements of the beat without actually being under the influence. It was definitely dope.

Queensbridge rapper Nature is back with his new single Rock Like This produced by Skammadix. Rock Like This is a solid hip-hop record that reminds you of the true nature of hip-hop and what it really means to be an emcee. Nature brings straight-forward lyrical word play to the forefront and leaves the gimmicks behind on this record. This is NY hip hop at its finest. Rock Like This is the first single off of Nature's upcoming project Seasons Change: Spring due out at the end of April.

Check out "Rock Like This":

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