Exclusive: Prodigy Goes Deep In Papers/Blunts Debate: "Have The Lesser Of Both Evils"

Tuesday, Apr 16, 2013 2:50PM

Written by SOHH for Prodigy

[With National Smoke Day (4/20) right around the corner, SOHH's taking a twist from the overdone "marijuana legalization" discussion and asking your favorite hip-hop artists what they recommend these days: papers or blunts. Mobb Deep's Prodigy continues the debate.]

If you had to choose, I would say you should choose paper.

I would choose paper for myself because blunts are just harsh on your lungs. That's basically a leaf of tobacco. Word. That's just a tobacco leaf.

So when you smoke a paper, it's just lighter on your lungs.

You want to have the lesser of both evils. That's what you want to do. Just go for the lesser route.

Prodigy released an autobiography during spring 2011 entitled My Infamous Life: The Autobiography of Mobb Deep's Prodigy. It was co-written with Laura Checkoway and was published by Touchstone Books. Prodigy was recently featured in the 2011 documentary Rhyme and Punishment a film that documents Hip-Hop artists who have been incarcerated. The film documents Prodigy's trial and his last days before starting his prison sentence. During 2011, Prodigy released a free EP called The Ellsworth Bumpy Johnson EP which is his first project since being released from prison. On April 21, a song titled "The Type", with Curren$y, was released on Curren$y's free album, entitled Covert Coup. Prodigy has spoken out against the secret society Illuminati.

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