Guest Star: "Prodigy, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap & Big Noyd Hit Me Back"

Wednesday, Apr 3, 2013 2:55PM

Written by SOHH for Jay Shells

[After raising eyebrows last week when footage of his new Rap Quotes campaign went viral, street artist Jay Shells tells SOHH readers if any of the quoted hip-hop artists have responded back]

It's dope to see the reaction. I'm an artist. I'm always working on something, but these more public projects I won't go forward on unless I think they're really solid. Otherwise it'll just be a piece of artwork at some might be in a gallery but not very public.

I don't like to force it. I don't plan on going and sitting on every corner and hoping somebody is going to like these. If it's an idea I feel very strongly about, I'm going to go with it. A lot of things I have done in the past like the "Subway Etiquette" speaks to everyone but with this project, it really speaks to a niche audience, it's really about the true hip-hop head.

It's actually opened up to a lot of people who are like, "I don't really like rap music but this is f*cking awesome." I didn't realize it was going to kick-off like this. As an artist, it's really cool to get the respect of your peers. To really go out and put yourself out there, you have to be really confident.

Actually, Prodigy was one of the first to hit me up about the signs. When I was putting them up, I was taking my own pictures but I wanted to wait because my people over at [publication] Animal were so into the idea and did that [viral] video. So I didin't want to start sharing it on Twitter until that video went up.

But about two days before it did, I tweeted out from the "Rap Quotes" account to Prodigy and over the next few days, all of the rappers I took a picture of their quote saying, "Yo, you're site specific. Peace." You never know, these people get so many mentions every day that it was just like a shot in the dark to see if anyone would respond.

So far, Prodigy retweeted it and a lot of people got to see it. Big Daddy Kane hit me back saying it was hot. I can just hear his voice, "That's hot!" Kool G Rap wrote back, Big Noyd, it's been good. Some of them are a little less known and don't always get that shine.

Kool G Rap's one of the greatest of all time who a lot of people wouldn't even have their style if it wasn't for him and they don't even know it. I think some of the artists who aren't as big as Jay-Z should appreciate it a little bit more because it's free publicity and respect.

It's just me giving them a pound in the way that I know how.

Jay Shells is an artist and graphic designer based out of the New York City area. He is an avid hip-hop fan and has worked on numerous street-based projects over the past few years.

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