SOHH Whatcha Think: Miguel's Tight Over Frank Ocean, Beyoncé Tries On Bikinis, Drake's Hot Stalker Returns

Monday, Apr 15, 2013 12:42PM

Written by SOHH On The Spot

Mushy Monday. It's all mushy to get things started today, beginning with Miguel admitting Frank Ocean kinda did it on 'em. Speaking of doing things, what's making Beyoncé slip into a few different hot bikinis? Dear summer? She might not look too bad in a bikini either, but Drake's nowhere close to trying to wifey up Amanda Bynes. Or is he? All this coming up in SOHH Whatcha Think.

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

1. Numbers Don't Lie

Do you think Frank Ocean's announcement of being in love with a man last summer really hurt the music industry? Could such a strong, unexpected proclamation have put a damper onto record sales, his included? It seems Miguel feels people were more into the breaking news than how good channel ORANGE really was. VIBE via Bossip has more:


"I don't know if the word is eclipsed. [Long pause] That's a really tough question to answer, man. In all reality, Frank Ocean took a big chance the way that artists are supposed to. I mean, even his album doesn't sound like mine or anyone else's. So sonically and how he writes and what he's writing about and how he chooses to express himself vocally, all his choices are very unique, and I appreciate that about him. Not only did his announcement overshadow my music, but it overshadowed his as well. The general public was in awe and championing him for being brave enough to make that announcement publicly. I congratulate him for his successes. I would love to hear more of his music. He's one of those artists that's being himself and pushing boundaries. I gotta celebrate that." (VIBE)

It's hard to think there are really any hard feelings from those comments right there. If anything, Miguel just snuck in a quick jab, but overall, his comments felt pretty genuine and when you really take a minute and think about it, does he have a point? #SOHHWhatchaThink?

2. Hot Tamale

If it takes a Blue Ivy Carter to make Beyoncé need to feel sexy and do sexy poses for various men's magazines and bikini shoots, then she should just plan on having kids through her 40's, on a yearly basis. It turns out the woman who had Cuba in a frenzy not too long ago has the Internet blazing hot. Media Take Out has the scoop:


April 15, 2013: Beyonce is killing it in her new H&M ad. Kinda makes us wanna COP one of them . . . (Media Take Out)

She's gorgeous. The worst fear with Beyoncé being pregnant a couple years ago was how would she look after the baby arrived and as we can all see, there's no reason to worry. It's almost like she never even had Blue Ivy Carter. Hint, hint? #SOHHWhatchaThink?

3. Single White Female

Is Amanda Bynes looking to do publicity stunts these days? As much as we would love to think she really has a thing for Drake, her so-called obsession with him is coming across a bit childish and silly to say the very least. It turns out she has yet to slow down. RadarOnline has the creepy info:


We're starting to wonder if Drake is flattered or a little nervous. Amanda Bynes is continuing her bizarre public pursuit of the music superstar, just weeks after sending him an obscene message. Bynes, whose recent behavior has raised many, many eyebrows, tweeted to Drake again Sunday, and even included a photo! Her message was brief this time, as the star wrote only, "@Drake Eyes For Days." Her previous messages have been more direct, including one that lives in Twitter infamy, where she asked him to "murder my (censored word for lady parts)." (RadarOnline)

What seemed like it would be a great hook-up is looking more like a nightmare. Amanda Bynes used to be a sweet, innocent girl but now she's pretty scary and this thing going on with Drake seems far from real. #SOHHWhatchaThink?

That about wraps it up for today. This is SOHH On The Spot giving you the morning scoop from your favorite gossip sites.

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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