SOHH Whatcha Think: Lil' Kim Feels Up On RiRi, Juelz & Kimbella Splittin', Ace Hood's Super Thick Baby's Mother

Monday, Apr 29, 2013 11:50AM

Written by SOHH On The Spot

Marvelous Monday. It's time to kick off a marvelous week, especially with Iron Man 3 dropping on Friday and we start it off with Lil' Kim feeling pretty much all over Rihanna's body? A couple that are supposedly no longer feeling on each other are Juelz Santana and Kimbella. They should take some advice courtesy of Ace Hood and his girlfriend/baby's mother. All this coming up in SOHH Whatcha Think.

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

1. The Queen Bee's Back

It seems like forever since we received a real Lil' Kim album. You can't really call the Black Friday project a serious release, especially since it seemed to only be fueled by her issues with Nicki Minaj. But just because Nicki won the battle doesn't mean Kim's down and out. The Queen Bee showed just how big her connects are while out in Newark over the weekend. Rap-Up has more:

The Prudential Center was all abuzz when the Queen Bee, Lil' Kim, was spotted at Rihanna's "Diamonds World Tour" in Newark, New Jersey, on Sunday. RiRi shouted out her fellow bad girl during the show and the two hugged it out backstage. "Me and my wifey @badgalriri @rihanna !!!!!! :) :) !!!! I'm in love!!!" tweeted Kim, who has remixed Rihanna's songs including "Man Down" and "Pour It Up." (Rap-Up)

Hopefully we can see Rihanna and Lil' Kim hook up and make a real smash together. Kim's supposedly making her grand return to the mainstream airwaves this summer, so hopefully this is the little tease we all have hoped for. #SOHHWhatchaThink?

2. What The Game's Been Missing

Is it a wrap for Juelz Santana and Kimbella? It seemed like they were always off-again, on-again, but there's now brewing of them really calling it quits. It's pretty hard to believe after having a baby together just last year that they would go ahead and just split up. All Hip Hop Rumors has the head's up:


These guys have been pretty quiet as of late, but maybe that's what happens when the reality show scene dries up. But, the word on the street is that Juelz Santana and Kimbella are done. It just occurred to me that Kimbella hasn't really been seen since her last foray on Love and Hip-Hop NY. Here is what a source told HSK: "Juelz couldn't take Kimbella's nagging anymore -- she was tired of his promiscuous ways. He doesn't think Kimbella is pretty anymore, she's starting to look like an old hag. He misses Bria." (AHH Rumors)

You could tell Kimbella was dealing with anxiety and self-conscious issues with "Love & Hip Hop: New York," so hopefully it has nothing to do with her appearance. Relationships can be very fickle, so hopefully these two can get things straightened out. #SOHHWhatchaThink?

3. Shootin' Aces

Ace Hood really seems to move around in silence but not even slippers could keep him quiet enough for the media not to take notice of his girlfriend/baby's mother. He makes great hits and by the look of the woman around him, he has plenty of inspiration to keep a happy home. Media Take Out has more:



April 29, 2013: A lot of hip hop babays mothers nowadays are EXTRA THICK . . . but how many of them are 100% silicone free. We're talking azz and tiddays free of silicone. (Media Take Out)

It's extremely rare to see such a beautiful woman like this and not have some negativity surrounded by the story. Hopefully these two can continue to build a great relationship and keep the gossip headlines out of their way. #SOHHWhatchaThink?

That about wraps it up for today. This is SOHH On The Spot giving you the morning scoop from your favorite gossip sites.

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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