News: Kid Cudi Responds To Big Sean's Loyal Comments: "I'll Always Have Your Back"

Sunday, Apr 7, 2013 2:15PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Former G.O.O.D. Music artist Kid Cudi has reacted to Big Sean declaring his loyalty toward him just days after announcing a departure from Kanye West's monstrous roster.

Cudder hopped onto his Twitter page to let out a few bromance tweets.

"@BigSean ur my brother for life. Weve been thru a ton of grind together, and ill always have ur back. Thanx for puttin me on that jam bro :)," he tweeted April 5th.
"@bigsean aint sh*t changed. The love is infinate!! Lets gve em hell this year mane." (Kid Cudi's Twitter)

Big Sean initially pledged his loyalty toward Cudi over the social networking site.

"@ducidni is my friend, far as I'm concerned we're on the same team rather it's GOOD music or not. We're dogs n he's on #HallOfFame spittin"
""@ducidni: @bigsean aint shit changed. The love is infinate!! Lets gve em hell this year mane." Believe!" (Big Sean's Twitter)

Sean also spoke on Kid's unexpected exit in a radio interview.

"Cudi wasn't just my labelmate, he's one of my good friends," Sean said in an interview "Cudi's on my album. Me and him making music together. We're still crew whether it's G.O.O.D. Music or not, that's my dog." (Power 106)

Cudi shocked fans and fellow entertainers when he announced parting ways with G.O.O.D. earlier in the week.

"I'm announcing that I'm no longer on G.O.O.D Music," Cudi revealed in an interview. "This is something that no one knows, really, but I'm no longer on G.O.O.D Music. ... I could never get tired of Kanye but we were talking on the phone the other day, these are things I've been wanting to talk to him about, starting my own direction and he got it because he's trying to start his new path, trying new things as an artist and he was just like, 'Man, I feel you.' ... There's no beef, there's no problems with anyone on the label. It's all love." (Power 106)

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