News: After Wild Police Chase, Katt Williams Forced To Do Time

Thursday, Apr 25, 2013 8:05PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Hollywood actor Katt Williams can mark one legal woe off his list as reports claim he will not have to spend a single day behind bars but will still have to do time in a more reasonable manner after a wild police chase last fall.

According to reports, Williams is expected to complete over 400 hours of community service this year after biting the bullet in a police chase charge last November.

Katt was in court today, where he pled down to misdemeanor evading police ... stemming from the wild three-wheeled chase he led cops on last November. Katt had originally been charged with felony evading police ... but prosecutors agreed to reduce the charge. As part of the deal, Katt was sentenced to 428 hours of community service to be completed in 9 months -- but no jail. Katt's attorney Richard Schonfeld tells us, "Mr. Williams looks forward to working with the community and moving on with his life." (TMZ)

The comedian was arrested over the winter after a judge issued a police warrant.

The 41-year-old comedian, whose real name is Micah Sierra Williams, had failed to show up for his arraignment in Sacramento on Monday. His bail was set at $100,500. The appearance stems from a pursuit he was involved in with Sacramento police in November. California Highway Patrol officers say Williams failed to stop after he was spotted driving on a three-wheeled motorcycle outside a Sacramento hotel. Officials say Williams nearly hit five people during the chase. (ABC Local)

The craziness all took place as a result of Katt being a no-show to his arraignment.

A Sacramento judge issued the bench warrant today after the comedian failed to show up for his arraignment, stemming from his crazy three-wheeled police chase back in November. The D.A.'s office has charged Katt with evading a police officer while driving in a reckless manner, a felony. As we previously reported, Katt's accused of leading police on a wild chase through the streets of Sacramento ... while riding a three-wheeled motorcycle. (TMZ)

Outside of legal problems, he recently told SOHH readers why they should spend a few bucks and see his new Scary Movie V flick.

"My favorites scenes in the movie are not the ones that I'm in--that's what makes the movie so great. There are so many excellent people in the movie that it's almost like stand up. Stand up is just a set up and a joke and a set up and a joke and a set up and a joke, and when it's perfect it all works. And I didn't understand how many people were involved until the end so it was a lot of fun. This is a franchise that's $800,000,000 in, so you're always going, "Who can they get to top that?" For me, the fact that they had Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan together in the same movie was good enough for me, let alone doing scenes together. That's actually giving the people what they wanna see." (SOHH)

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