News: After Lil Wayne Disses, Miami Heat Star Robbed For Over $450,000

Friday, Apr 5, 2013 11:00AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Months after Lil Wayne took direct aim at the entire Miami Heat, notably Chris Bosh, the all-star power forward was reportedly robbed of over $450,000 in valuables this week.

According to reports, the criminals rounded up goods in the form of jewelry, purses and more.

The home of Chris Bosh was robbed of at least $479,000 in jewelry, purses and other goods, but not of his NBA championship ring, while the Miami Heat star was out celebrating his 29th birthday, Miami Beach Police said Thursday. Bosh and his wife returned from a Miami club to find their closet ransacked, according to police. The couple had left their two children home with housekeepers while they attended the well-publicized party. No one in the house said they heard any noise, police said. (USA Today)

A Miami police official has since come forward to confirm the robbery.

Miami Beach police spokesman Bobby Hernandez said the department received a call about 12:30 a.m. after Bosh and his wife, Adrienne, returned from the well-publicized party at Briza on the Bay, a bayside Miami nightspot. Hernandez said the couple noticed a jewelry drawer in their walk-in was open and numerous watches, rings, purses and cash were missing. Bosh said he also noticed other things were not where they typically are, including some items on the closet floor. (Local 10 News)

Despite the hefty loss, Bosh said he is confident justice will be served.

"It takes a minute. You notice certain things are not where they were. You figure it out," Bosh said Thursday after the Heat practiced in Miami. "It's not a good feeling but we have it set up a certain way so we can get down to the bottom of it. We'll get there." There was no sign of forced entry at the waterfront, 12,368-square-foot home, which Bosh purchased in 2010 for $12.3 million. Hernandez also said easily traceable items such as Bosh's Heat championship ring from last year's NBA title were left undisturbed. (Local 10 News)

Over the winter, Lil Wayne publicly called out the Miami Heat and boasted about sleeping with Bosh's wife.

"Let's finish having a good time. When I say 'F*ck,' you say 'NBA.' F*ck! When I say 'F*ck,' you say 'Miami Heat.' F*ck! You let them n*ggas know I'm from the streets so I ain't going on no Twitter beef -- take it to the f*cking streets n*gga. F*ck all these n*ggas. F*ck LeBron, f*ck D-Wade, f*ck all them n*ggas man. And, and, and I f*cked Chris Bosh's wife." (YouTube)

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