News: After Jay-Z Name-Drop, Kid Cudi Follows Suit: "F*ck Man, I Love This N*gga Chief Keef"

Saturday, Apr 13, 2013 9:28AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Former G.O.O.D Music member Kid Cudi may be reaching out to Chief Keef in the near future after boasting about the teenage rapper while out at the annual Coachella Music Festival this weekend.

Cudi opted out of discussing Keef's content and revealed his love for the rapper's song compositions.

"F*ck man I love this n*gga Chief Keef. N*gga melodies is epic!," Keef tweeted April 13th.
"F*ck I hate bein sobahhhh!!"
"@RMB215 mann that n*gga RAW. U crazy fam. But i respect ur opinion tho"
"At Coachella gettin twisttttttttteeeeeddd" (Kid Cudi's Twitter)

On rap mogul Jay-Z's new "Open Letter" anthem, Hovi references the teen rapper in relation to drug dealing.

"Wanna give me jail time and a fine/Fine, let me commit a real crime/I might buy a kilo for Chief Keef/Out of spite, I just might flood these streets/Hear the freedom in my speech" ("Open Letter")

Recently, New York hip-hop veteran Talib Kweli spoke up for Chief in light of his lyrics being constantly under fire.

"I don't care because that's like a novelty thing," Kweli said in an interview when asked how young is "too young" to rap about street life. "I don't know who Lil' Mouse is but as far as Chief Keef, Chief Keef is obviously a product of his environment. He's somebody who comes out of a very horrificly violent neighborhood of Chicago. Whether you think he's skilled or not, what he's doing is extremely positive. Even if he's gangbanging on records, I'd rather him gang bang on records than in the streets and if you gang bang on records, you're at some point going to have respect for music and you're going to grow out of that. Snoop Dogg used to gang bang on records, now he's Snoop Lion. If Chief Keef could get to Snoop's stage, his content will change, you'll see him grow up. I want to see him live, I don't want to see him die." (Karmaloop TV)

Last year, "King of the South" T.I. boasted about the 18-year-old's talent.

Backstage, Tip gave the youngster the ultimate co-sign. "Chief Keef, I feel like he represents a part of America," T.I. told MTV News. "He represents a part of the youth in America that ain't really got a voice right now. We looking at 'em, and we're seeing the results of their actions, but we ain't really listening to 'em, and I think you gotta have a representative of each generation in order to understand what they dealing with." (MTV)

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