Guest Star: "We Got The First Big Check - I Ain't Get A Chain Or Car, I Got A Big A** Iguana Tank"

Monday, Mar 25, 2013 12:45AM

Written by J. Bachelor & Cyrus Langhorne

[After highlighting urban music's "Started From the Bottom" rising stars looking to capitalize off their national buzz at South By Southwest, SOHH now shifts its focus toward the "Now We Here" artists who have reached the top and cemented a national fan base. To kick things off, we caught up with Chicago rapper Sir Michael Rocks.]

What was your very first rap name?

My very first rap name was Toine G. My real name is Antoine and I just added a 'G' on there on the end, I was like 9 bro! I had a cousin from Vegas that came and stayed with us over the summer, he brought the karaoke machine and he had the Tupac instrumentals. Him and my big sister started rappin', and I just wanted to rap, too. I wrote some raps after they left because I ain't want them to see me doin' it ... I was really nervous and shy about it because I knew I wasn't good, so I didn't want nobody to see me. I recorded some sh**. As Toine G, I'm real young and I really didn't have anything to talk about, so I used to talk about what I heard all the other rappers talk about, so I'm talkin' about shootin' cats up and murder and sellin' drugs and all type of sh** I didn't do. But that's how you learn how to rap, by imitating. Somehow my sister found the tape and mom heard it. I got in trouble, it was crazy. By the time I got to junior high I was goin' through my conscious rap phase at that time so I was super political and super "sun, moon and stars and quasars" and all that. My name was Eclipse at that time. By the time I was a senior in high school I met up with Chuck Inglish and we started The Cool Kids and that's when Michael Rocks was born.

What was your first big purchase as a rap artist?

Our first show that we got the first big check for ... man I got back to the crib, got on the computer and I ordered a $4,000 big a** iguana tank. Like the size of a window, it was big as hell. Then I about an iguana and that muthaf***a was like 5 inches big in that big a** tank. It was crazy. People used to come over my house like, "What you got in there - I can't see?!?" It was wild, bro. I had to do it, it was my first stunt. I ain't get a chain or a car, I got a big a** iguana tank. Crazy sh*t. Everybody use to be like, "What the f*ck is that?"

Outside your crew, name 3-5 artists that are still getting their start, who you feel have a bright future in the game.

It's these cats called Raider Clan out of Florida. It's a lot of them, they're dope as f***. They got a pretty good following already but they just not that mainstream yet. SpaceGhostPurrp is dope, too. This cat Lil' Ugly Mane go superhard, he's crazy. He's from DC, I believe. My homie Chance the Rapper out of Chicago ... I haven't lost touch with underground culture, you know what I mean. I'm still really active when it comes to finding new sh*t. I actively dig for new music, it keeps me on my toes.

Antoine "Sir Michael Rocks" Reed (originally from Matteson Illinois) is a rapper and a half of the retro-simplistic rap duo The Cool Kids and the newest member of Curren$y's Jet Life.

Check out Sir Michael Rocks' "Great," featuring Mac Miller and Casey Veggies:

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