News: UPDATE: Kirko Bangz Exposes Money-Jacking Groupie: "They Was Trying To Do A Threesome" [Video]

Tuesday, Mar 5, 2013 7:55PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Houston rapper Kirko Bangz has come clean on what recently went down between him and an alleged money-stealing groupie by dishing out the full details of the incident.

Bangz resorted to telling his story on a 60-minute Ustream session and said the incident was over the woman's weak performance in the bedroom.

"What happened in San Jose? I'ma tell you right now," Bangz said in his Ustream session. "That b*tch did not rob me, first of all. Nah, hold on, let me tell them what happened. ... When we get to the club, we're only three deep. Me and both of my managers. We get to the club, I told my man, 'Grab that girl over there.' He grabbed these h*es. So the h*es come f*ck with us. Fast forward, fast forward, fast forward. Then I see a girl I used to talk to in the club -- we had three girls in the hotel -- they was trying to do a threesome on a n*gga. ... My n*gga came and took one girl off and then I had forgot I had another girl in the other room and my money in my backpack in the other room. ... I was f*cking that one girl with the t*tty slipped out for a minute and that p*ssy was weak as a b*tch. That sh*t was weak as f*ck. She was pretty and everything but she was weak, so I had to leave." (Ustream)

He also went on to say only one woman stole his money and claimed it totaled $8,000.

"The sh*t was weak and I had left my backpack in the other room," Bangz added. "So I guess she was mad and I went to f*ck [somebody else]. So my n*gga right here, 'Slow Stroke,' took a little minute. He did his thing but the part he messed up at is he let them rock him to sleep. You can't let them rock you to sleep. Once they rocked my n*gga to sleep, they just went into the cookie jar and got my stash and burnt out. And that's what it was. But, I think one of my n*ggas, got they phone number. ... They both didn't steal my money, the one that stole my money was the one with the t*tty out. ... I got bills to pay. I want my money. B*tch stole $8,000." (Ustream)

Buzz behind the reported "robbery" heated up the Internet yesterday (March 4).

Kirko Bangz is known for making it rain all over the Houston strip clubs, but while he was partying in California he lost some money and didn't even get to see any booty! According to the rumors, Kirko got caught up by two women who robbed the "Drank In My Cup" rapper. After partying with two beautiful women, Kirko noticed he was missing some money. But instead of calling the cops, he called the ladies out on Twitter. (Global Grind)

Kirko initially jumped onto his Twitter page to call the ladies out.

"Anybody know these hoes? They stole some bread from me in Cali if this your sister, cousin, mama or daughter...," he tweeted. (Kirko Bangz's Twitter)

Check out the Ustream session:

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