News: UPDATE: Iggy Azalea Confirms Deading A$AP Tat, Says "Hop Off My Nuts"

Sunday, Mar 3, 2013 12:55PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Australian rapper Iggy Azalea is firing back at the hip-hop blogs over a new photo circulating online which shows her A$AP Rocky-themed tattoo visibly crossed out.

Clearly upset over the coverage, Iggy said the scratched out ink is old news.

"FYI. I've had that tattoo crossed out for MONTHS. Hop off my nuts. Your late and It shouldn't be news anyhow.," she tweeted March 2nd.
"That's the kinda f*ckery blog sh*t that works my nerves."
"It's been crossed out SO long it faded and I got it retouched with the rest of my finger tats. I just never felt the need to broadcast it." (Iggy Azalea's Twitter)

Buzz over the etched out finger tat sent the Internet into an uproar over the weekend.

Damn @IggyAzalea, It was all good just some ink ago. Iggy Azalea has been on and off again with publicizing her situationship with ASAP Rocky, but we think this could be the last we hear of them as a pair or 'friends' or whatever they call it these days. In any case, the Beauty from Down Under got caught in a photo with her famed fingers that usually read Long Live ASAP exed out. No word on why the sudden change but one things for sure, that's permanent. Check it out the before and after below. (DDOTOMEN)

Last summer, Rocky denied having a romantic fling with the Grand Hustle associate.

"No, nah, I'm not dating her," Rocky told Jenny after complimenting her looks. "I do like blondes. [Is the relationship over?] How do you ever know there was a relationship? [laughs] Nah, I'm not dating her. [Were we having sex?] Ummm... [laughs] You tell me. I hope so, that would be a beautiful sight." ("Jenny Boom Boom TV")

In early 2012, Azalea would not fully address donning the noticeable A$AP tat.

"Ugh, it's hard to say without getting myself in trouble. [Laughs]," she said when asked about the tat. "I don't know how to put it. It's like... I... I don't know... I love him and that's all there is to it. We have our own thing going on and I'm not the only one that [got the tattoos]. I'll tell you that. [Laughs] I'm just the only one with it on my fingers! [Do I love the movement or Rocky?] It's not the movement. I'll tell you that. [Am I single?] I'd have to say that I'm taken." (VIBE)

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