Guest Star: "The First Rap Name I Had Was Sonny Delight - The Change Was Necessary!"

Thursday, Mar 28, 2013 12:55AM

Written by J. Bachelor & Cyrus Langhorne

[After highlighting urban music's "Started From the Bottom" rising stars looking to capitalize off their national buzz at South By Southwest, SOHH now shifts its focus toward the "Now We Here" artists who have reached the top and cemented a national fan base. Today, we're chopping it up with mega producer/rapper Sonny Digital]

What was your very first rap name?

The first rap name I had was Sonny Delight. Then it switched over to Sonny Digital ... the change was necessary!

Tell us about the first beat you ever created.

I was in middle school, I believe it was eighth grade. I was always quiet and shy in school, I knew people but wasn't talkative, but my buddy Dre was. But I made the beat the night before, and played it for everybody. We were all children at the time so for that age, the beat was good. From that point, it made me want to keep doing it. I was rapping before I was producing, but we didn't have anybody to make beats for us so I just hopped on it and kept on going.

What was your first big purchase as a rap artist?

The first thing I went and bought was my old school Monte Carlo SS. It was an '87. I had that car for a long time and you know with the old schools, you gotta fix up on that sh** like constantly. I stay in a nice neighborhood, but you know in certain cities they'll start tearing down the projects and start building the city right next to it? Well I stay right on the border of that. The next street over is basically hood, so them lil' hood kids tried to steal my old school. That's when I was like, "Ok, this car is causing me too many problems." I got rid of it, but I went back and got me another one. I'm a lil' older now, too. So I know what to do.

How much was the first Monte Carlo?

I think I paid like $10,000 for it. Matter fact, I paid $7,500 for it ... I just remember going to the bank and withdrawing $10,000 and the teller was looking at me so funny. It was mine though, so you really couldn't tell me nothin'! The lady at the bank was trying to give me that lecture like, "Save your money!" I was like, "A'ight, whatever. Gimme my ten thousand I'm about to go buy this car."

Outside your crew, name 3-5 artists that are still getting their start, who you feel have a bright future in the game.

I'd say Rocko. Gucci Mane is gonna stay in the game just cause of the things he does sometimes. It's alotta people ... 2 Chainz was basically on the bench for like a decade and just came back and did a triple-double. He's already made his mark in the game and he's got everybody going crazy now.

Sonny Corey Uwaezuoke, better known by his stage name Sonny Digital, is an American record producer and rapper from Atlanta, Georgia, who rose to prominence after producing YC's hit single "Racks" in 2011. He is best known for his production on Future's single "Same Damn Time" and 2 Chainz's "Birthday Song" featuring Kanye West.

Check out 2 Chainz's "Birthday Song" featuring Kanye West, with production courtesy of Sonny Digital:

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