News: Lil Wayne Didn't Even Bother Peeping 'Hottest MCs' List: "I'm Glad I Didn't Make It" [Audio]

Friday, Mar 29, 2013 2:15PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne recently discussed the much-debated annual MTV "Hottest MCs in the Game" rundown and explained why he is glad his name did not pop up in the Top 10.

While he did not dig too deep into the debate, Weezy F. Baby did admit he had no interest in finding out who made the cut.

"I didn't even check the top ten list," Wayne said, referring to the "Hottest MCs in the Game" rundown. "I'm glad I didn't make it neither -- I probably pissed some people off at MTV or something. I don't know. [Do I like MTV?] I like ESPN." (Power 106)

Despite landing in the Top 10, rap star Kanye West blasted the list a few weeks ago and said Wayne deserved to be in it.

Not that he was expecting the top spot: In West's opinion, the world's No. 1 rapper is Lil Wayne. "Yeah, I just think... him and [Jay-Z] and [Eminem] and certain people are just the greatest rappers of all time," he said. (Billboard)

Ye's comments sparked an unexpected reaction from Wayne.

"That's the ultimate compliment coming from a humble,great,extremely creative,& superior genius...I appreciate that Yeezy!," Wayne tweeted late March 5th night. (Lil Wayne's Twitter)

Around mid-March, MTV released an honorable mentions list for the "Hottest MCs" rundown which included Wayne, Nicki Minaj and Jay-Z.

With the 2013 edition of MTV's "Hottest MC's" in the game finally concluded, MTV felt it was time to give notoriety to three artist that didn't make the cut. First up was Jay-Z who's a former number 1 hottest emcee opened the Barclays Center in a 8-night concert series, but didn't release any new solo music during 2012 with only features. Nicki Minaj also a former top emcee, became a superstar in 2012 with becoming the next host on American Idol, but according to their criteria, she was quiet during the year. Capping off the clip was Lil' Wayne, who like Jiggaman is also a former top emcee didn't release any a project in 2012, with Sway saying after his "I Am Not A Human Being II" release; he'll be right back at the forefront of their list. (Free OnSmash)

Check out Lil Wayne's interview:

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