News: Jim Jones Throws In The Towel: "I Don't Know If I Have The Patience" [Video]

Monday, Mar 11, 2013 12:15PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Dipset's Jim Jones recently reflected on his pre-fame days as a Diplomat and considered whether or not he could see himself managing artists once again.

While managing may no longer be his calling, Jim offered up some advice for artists trying to make it in the cutthroat music industry.

"I don't know if I have the patience to manage any artists anymore but as far as signing artists, who knows," Jones said in an interview when asked if he would go back to this executive ways. "If it makes sense, financially, businesswise, if it's a good move, it'd be my pleasure to sign a new artist, especialy if he's dope. [Advice for new artists?] Stick to the script, man. It's easy to get jaded nowadays, there's so much going on. It's not like when I started where you really had to do everything from the ground up, stay hands-on. Nowadays, you've got the computer and all these other things going on, so, the kids approach the game a little differently. You really have to dig deep. I tell everybody, be realistic if you can do some music or you can't do some music. If you really can do some music, then you'll probably have to go harder than we ever went and if you can't do the music but you really love the music game, then, now's the chance to find out what part of the music game you can jump into and make you some money." (HHS1987)

Prior to dropping his first solo effort nearly ten years ago, Jimmy played an influential role in Dipset's business ventures.

Along with fellow Harlem-based player Cam'ron, Jim Jones founded the Diplomat label, home to the Diplomats/Dipset and many of that crew's prolific solo activities. Though more of a businessman and behind-the-scenes figure than an MC (he was also named a director of A&R at Warner Music Group in early 2005), Jones released solo albums in 2004 (On My Way to Church, which hit the Top 20 upon its August release) and 2005 (Diary of a Summer) (All Music)

Back in 2009, Jones landed a spot as E1 Music's vice president of urban A&R. has learned that Dipset Capo Jim Jones has left Columbia Records and recently signed a deal to release his next solo studio album on E1 Music, formerly known as Koch Records. According to the contract, the Harlem rapper will also drop a mixtape vie E1 as well. Jones has a long history with the E1. Along with releasing a handful of records on the imprint, last January he was appointed vice president of urban A&R. (XXL Mag)

Business aside, Capo recently talked about a long-awaited Dipset reunion stirring up.

"It's nothing really holding it up," Jimmy said in an interview when asked about the Dipset reunion. "It's just an organic thing, it's a band of brothers that started this game from teenagers, made a h*ll of a lot of money, probably more money than most of the industry had ever seen, um, you know, we all was feeling ourselves, little discrepancies, got back together, loving the fact that we could get back together on our own regard because everybody is their own boss, it's still Dipset for life, all of us have been recording. This month marks the ten-year anniversary of Diplomatic Immunity 1, the first album we did together. So yes, there will be a lot of surprises this year. We plan to attack a lot of Summer Jam stages, we plan to attack a lot of venues, um, we good. You're gonna love it, I promise you. And we have some music, that's the scary thing. ... I can say now we have some music that's going to bust some people's heads open." ("Jenny Boom Boom TV")

Check out Jim Jones' interview:

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