Singled Out: "It Just Came Up, 'I Got B*tches, You Got B*tches, Tell The B*tches Come Over'"

Tuesday, Mar 5, 2013 12:15AM

Written by SOHH for Lil Debbie

[SOHH highlights a hot record each Tuesday and offers a unique look at the track in Singled Out. After Fresh Daily dished out his cameo in Kendrick Lamar's new "Poetic Justice" music video, former White Girl Mob member Lil Debbie breaks down her new "Ratchets" anthem.]

I made this track when I was still living in Oakland and I just was in the studio one day and I asked people to send me beats. The beat came over and I was sitting in the studio and you're in Oakland, so I'm thinking like, "What would I want to listen to? What would my girls want to listen to?"

So it just came up, "I got b*tches, you got b*tches, tell the b*tches come over." I'm always inviting people over to my house to smoke with me. I'm a very social butterfly, but I'm more social with ratchet [types of people] than with anybody.

I recorded a first version of it and I've been sitting on that version for probably like five months and it's on YouTube right now, actually. It's a good song but it wasn't to my full capability. So I went back and rewrote "Ratchet" and I just wanted to make a song to where a white girl could listen to it but something that everybody could relate to of all races.

It's about ratchet friends picking up ratchet friends and we're all getting high together. We can all get ratchet together. It's kind of breaking the barrier of what can be ratchet and what can't be ratchet.

I re-recorded it and I know it's better. I'm super excited for everyone to hear it because it's my first song by myself. So it's kind of like I'm showcasing my skills.

I did this song months ago and it's hard for me to sit on songs. I make a song and then I make a video because I can't sit on music. It's really, really bad for me. I make it and then I have really high anxiety. I make it for everyone to hear.

So I've been sitting on this song. In 2013, I didn't really want it to be a ratchet year for me. I wanted it to kind of be progression and movement into the fashion industry and so I think I'm going to put this "Ratchet" song out but after that, but I kind of want to leave the whole ratchet thing in the past.

I'm kind of over the whole ratchet thing because a lot of people have done it, there's even something with Beyoncé and Lady Gaga doing a ratchet record. So I'm super f*cking stressed out about it.

I've been talking to the guy who directed my music video and saying, "Dude, Beyoncé's getting ready to come out with this ratchet sh*t and it's going to either be really bad or really different." So I'm trying to get it out before Beyoncé's comes out.

Lil Debbie (AKA SwagMaster G), is an Italian-American recording artist, DJ, model and fashion designer. She is best known as being a former part of the group White Girl Mob together with rappers Kreayshawn and V-Nasty. She has been described as a modern day Helen of Troy, and currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Also she loves blunts and lean. In 2013, she is working on new music and building her image in the rap game.

Check out the "Ratchets" teaser:

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