Guest Star: "I'd Love To Do Something W/ Kendrick Lamar & Hov"

Friday, Mar 22, 2013 12:55AM

Written by J. Bachelor & Cyrus Langhorne

[After an eventful, star-studded South by Southwest adventure this month, SOHH's highlighting urban music's rising stars whose consistent hustle and unique sound have taken them from regional buzz to both online and street acclaim. In this exclusive series, we're connecting with artists who "Started From the Bottom." Today, Houston rapper Killa Kyleon details his early grind and plans for an upcoming studio release.]

Tell us a little about your grind and how you got your start in the game.

When I started, my first real good look was with Big Pokey out of SUC. We had formed a clique called Mobstyle, which was me, him, Chris Ward and a partner of mine named D1. As that progressed, Chris Ward started doing a lot of records with Slim Thug, and Slim was tryna build up a group so he pretty much brought me into the situation with the Boss Hogg Outlawz, and after that the rest was history.

Are you still a member of the Boss Hogg Outlawz?

Nah, I actually have my own movement going on, it's called Team Run It. I'm actually done with my album and I'll be dropping it around Memorial Weekend, it's called T.R.I.L.L (The Realest Individual Living Life). I got production from Trakk Sound Productions, Mr. Lee ... feature wise, I got Bun B, Scarface and Willie D., A$AP Rocky, Devin, Z-Ro, 2 Chainz ... it's so many.

Tell us what events like South by Southwest mean for artists such as yourself.

What it pretty much means to me is a gateway to get out there and actually show real professionalism on the stage. You really interact with different fans and you get to meet up with other rappers that are currently doing the same things you're doing.

Do you have a dream collaboration?

Yeah, actually I'd love to do something with Kendrick Lamar. I'd love to do some stuff with Hov. Hov is my favorite rapper of all time. And definitely Kanye.

Tell us about your first major artist cosign.

Pokey was my first and Ice Water Slaughter from Trinity Garden Cartel. As far as other rappers that knew about me, yeah, that's pretty much my first major cosign: SUC the Screwed Up Click.

From the notorious Dead End Drive on the Southside of Houston, we have Killa Kyleon. With a very aggressive yet intricate, gangster, raw and witty flow, he is one of the south's hardest hitters. Growing up under the wings of such musical geniuses as DJ Screw & Big Hawk (RIP), Big Pokey, and many of the other original SUC members, there is no wonder to why this cat hits it out of the park every time he steps up to the plate. If you're looking for someone to represent the real gangsta stuff that will keep your head bobbin, then you're in the right place.

Check out Killa Kyleon's video "Bullies & Swangas":

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