Pulse Report: Game's No Chubby Chaser, Bow Wow Won't Come To Porn Star's Demands, Gucci Mane Gets Screwed

Friday, Mar 22, 2013 2:45PM

Written by Bulldog Butters

In this week's Pulse Report, Game gives the Internet some comic relief over rumors about him smashing a Kardashian sister, Bow Wow won't give a porn star money or a shot of credibility, Gucci Mane gets screwed and doesn't even know it plus oh SOHH much more!

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

1. Love & Flip-Flops

Are we really that desperate for gossip that we're going to believe Game and Khloe Kardashian are an actual couple? I would have expected that from Media Take Out but this hype over a married woman sleeping around with some high-profile rapper sounds too crazy to believe. Wait, Ice-T...Coco....AP.9? Errr....ummm.... Well, so maybe those kinds of things are possible, but to think that Game and Khloe are going to give KimYe are run for their money? C'mon.


Khloe, 28, and The Game, 33, first drew attention to themselves when she was seen jumping on him on a hike at LA's Run Canyon on Feb. 28. The Game's real name, Jayceon Terrell Taylor who's become a fitness adviser to both Khloe and her little brother, Rob Kardashian. "They were on a hike and she was flirting up a storm; he's definitely her type" "Usually, Khloé is so respectful of Lamar, but she knew exactly what she was doing she wanted to give Lamar a taste of his own medicine by publicly flirting with another man!" Lamar who has alleged been caught out getting cozy with other women during a couple nightclub appearances. "Her jumping on The Game seemed like it was natural, She was really happy, and they seemed to be really friendly." (Gossip Daily)

Once again, the idea of inside sources and how great of a couple they would make is just a joke. Khloe is not in Game's class. Sorry, KK, but we've never seen Game getting wifey'd up with a white chick, especially one that's the least sexy/cute out of the Kardashians. Then there's the simple fact that Khloe is actually too good for Game. There's no way she would put up with his antics and so-called beefs. (i.e. 40 Glocc, 5-0 Cent, Shyne). So it didn't take too long before we received some plain ol' clarity from both of these doggies.


The Game says, "The pictures that they see of us out together are because she is a part of my 60DaysofFitness team." The Game adds, "Khloe is my friend. She is like a sister. We have never and will never be sleeping together. Lamar is my homie and her husband and I wish people wouldn't spread such false rumors." (TMZ)
"Wow! How disgusting are some people... Leave my family alone! Stop spreading such trash!!!," she tweeted March 20th. (Khloe Kardashian's Twitter)

It's actually pretty unfortunate b/c they would have made a pretty wild couple. Granted, they wouldn't have made it to the end of the week, but this would have been something to laugh at for a hot minute.

2. Shots Of Money

Are you kidding me? I thought that whole Game/Khloe thing was bad enough, now we're spending time on the next hottest story of the week, which just so happens to be Bow Wow not dropping an album or leaving Cash Money but getting in on this porn star chick? LOL, I can't lie, I'm an avid fan of Katsuni, so let me stop acting like she's just some raunchy nobody that does the dirty. Bottom line is there's lawsuits and legal matters happening on a daily basis, but not very many end up in $80,000 being awarded. LOL. Bow Wow just lost one in a big way, hope those taxes are paid off!

Bow Wow has to cough up nearly $80,000 to a French porn star .... for allegedly jacking footage of her dancing and splashing it all over one of his videos without her permission ... TMZ has learned. Adult film star Celine Tran -- known as "Katsuni" -- sued Bow Wow back in July 2012, claiming he stole clips of her pole dancing in a music video for a French band called Electronic Conspiracy and then used a ton of the footage in his music video "Drank in My Cup" ... sans permission. (TMZ)
Bow Wow didn't even respond to the lawsuit, so a federal judge ordered him to pony up $79,346.07 (damages + attorneys' fees) ... and stop with the footage STAT. Sad part is ... for $80k ... he never got to see her naked. (TMZ)

This seemed a bit too easy and personally. Considering Katsuni is a French chick, shouldn't she be spending most of her time in France and not worrying about little things like her dance moves being used in Bow Wow's music videos? Well, either the judge was really on her side and felt she had a good enough argument or else he's a big fan of her work. It didn't take long for Bow Wow to make sure we all knew exactly how much he would pay her.


"Yo! That dumb a** porn star chick who ever she is aint getting a dime from us! We aint make no video. That video was mashed up by somebody on Youtube and i reposted cuz it was dope. People mash up artist videos all the time online. Everybody looking for a hustle. Then they tryna say drink in my cup is my song. That aint my song u dumb braud! Get a life. I dont play dem games. N*ggas work too hard to give away free money." (Bow Wow's Facebook)

LOL. You've got to give it up to him. It really had me fooled. Wait, is that really a fan-made video? It seems a bit "too" perfect. We know there's fans out there who mess with Bow Wow, but only some huge nerd would have the time, intelligence and "interest" (key word) to make something so professional and not get paid for it. So my question is, instead of Katsuni getting all of the press, shouldn't Bow Wow sue the fan for the video since he's not caking up off those views?

3. Moment of the Week: Gucci Mane's Moment of Humility

Let's face it, Gucci Mane has made a lot of uncool things look well, "cool" to say the least. Diamonds and bad speech? Cool. Surviving a near fatal shooting/attempt on your life? Very cool. Having a growing belly? Awesome. Passing out asleep when a woman is riding on top of you? The best. I can't even believe I read what I did this week, and it's that Gucci Mane, amongst many things, actually passed out asleep with a banging woman on top of him. To make matters worse but solidify its placement in "Moment of the Week," he actually asked to have the girl on top of him for his "Spring Breakers" sex scene because otherwise it would have been too much physical labor! LOL. Give it up to the one and only...

Twenty hours into the last day of filming Spring Breakers, director Harmony Korine arrived at the final scene on his shot list: a sex scene, scheduled for four o'clock in the morning, featuring rapper/actor Gucci Mane (who plays a rival criminal to James Franco in the film). This scene, thought Korine, would be a piece of cake; after all, Korine had gone to great lengths to cast a love interest with a booty grand enough to pique Gucci Mane's interest: "They sent me a clip of this girl walking across the room with three or four Coke cans on her ass, and we cast her, based on that video," Korine told Vulture. Alas, there was one thing Korine hadn't counted on: how super fucking stoned Gucci would be by the time cameras began to roll.

"In his entourage, everybody smokes weed from the beginning of the day to the end," explained Korine. "So we're inside this house in St. Petersburg, and the fucking weed smoke was so insane and Gucci was basically catatonic. I was like, 'Gucci, you've got to have sex with this chick now!'" How did he receive the news? "He wanted her to ride him so he wouldn't have to do any physical labor."

For a while, that worked. "So we're shooting the sequence, and as he is getting fucked, I start to hear snores," said Korine. "He had literally passed out! And she was riding his dick the whole time. I'd never in my life filmed a sex scene where the dude was sleeping ... and she was on top of him for a good 45 minutes."

And yes, that's the take that made it into the film. Laughed Korine: "At the end, he woke up and was like, 'I feel real nice. I feel like Mozart's on my dick.' And that was it, and he went back to sleep." (Vulture)

*DEAD* NO COMMENT!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4. Mrs. Butterworth: Daneille Fishel

I don't care what any of y'all want to say, "Topanga" was the jump-off back during those "Boy Meets World" days. Now look, yes, I had a shot of her in last week's "Moment of the Week," but after I came across more of those Maxim photo spread shots, it was a no-brainer she was landing a spot in here. Normally, we stick to the thick Black and Spanish women, but don't act surprised when you get a juicy lady of the lighter complexions in here. No need to justify this Mrs. Butterworth:




Unfortunately, it looks like the only real time Danielle wanted to show off her sexy side was in this new Maxim spread. As you'll notice, her videos don't really do justice to what her assets have to offer. LOL!

5. Rappers Say The Darndest Things

LOL! Sorry, I just had to start with that. Plenty of rappers, and even a singer, had my stomach hurting this week. For staters, spring is here and yet Big Sean is leading people to believe there's room for a Cruel Winter! LOL! His explanation is Cruel Summer dropped unexpectedly at the end of last summer, but he does not mention there were TONS of hot records from the album out. Then it's French Montana saying he wants not 50K, 100K or even 150K but at least 200K or more in his opening week! LOL!!! Doggy, this ain't '06 anymore! I am wishing for only the best with Lil Wayne, but Birdman acting like drugs did not play "any" part in his seizure is just silly. Hope I'm wrong, but sippin' on something had to have "something" to do with the hospitalization. Then it's DJ Whoo Kid comparing 5-0 Cent and Tupac Shakur. C'mon, doggy. 5-0 has yet to make a full-length song that could come close to Pac on his worst day. Keep in mind, I'm a Notorious B.I.G. fanatic. And finally, Beyoncé, I love you, but Keyshia Cole had a point. You can't go from wanting all the ladies singing and uniting to them having to bow down and accept the title of "b*tch" from you! LOL.

1. Big Sean

"It's almost spring now, I don't know, I thought it was, maybe it is, maybe it isn't, you just gotta wait and see, maybe a surprise for you guys," Sean said in an interview. "I didn't know if Cruel Summer was gonna drop. And that b*tch dropped. Whatever we do though, we're gonna keep doing stuff, people will love it. If y'all like that Cruel Summer, y'all like them albums, we take our time with it, we get it right. You'll get it in due time. You'll get it when it's right."

2. French Montana

"May 21st," French confirmed when asked about his album release date. "I'm trying to crack that big number when I drop. Man, I gotta crack at least 200 [thousand] or better. You never know though. You know what I'm saying? You never know though. It all comes down to the shipping. I don't care [what's come out in the past ten years]."

3. Birdman

"He had a seizure, Tuesday night," Birdman told radio host Angie Martinez. "We really been in the hospital since Tuesday and you know all this stuff people saying, there's no truth to it at all. He had a seizure and we went to the hospital and we been there ever since. He's doing much better and he's in great shape right now. ... He never left [the hospital], he never left, first of all. He never left and came back. We've been in here since Tuesday. To me, honestly, [the seizure's] just [from] his work ethics. Just how he put in and how he believe in and how hard he work and how much dedication he give to music and to his fans and what he's trying to accomplish in life. It had nothing to do with drugs. No such thing as that, to me, he just works around the clock. He's a hard grinder for this music. But it wasn't nothing about no drugs."

4. DJ Whoo Kid

"The first thing I think of is 2Pac, one of the best f*cking, ridiculous dudes I've ever met," Whoo Kid said in an interview when asked what he thinks of by the expression 'street king immortal.' "And of course hanging with my legend, 50 Cent. Even when I did that 50 Cent and 2Pac record, it always made sense. 50 Cent is like a super legend. I know people be like, 'Oh, he's 50's deejay, blah blah blah,' but you just can't get around it. This guy, I've been through some incredible sh*t with him, he's done some incredible sh*t, anybody who almost dies and still comes back is an incredible person. That's why when you go to Africa, people die all the time. When people see him, he's like a God 'cause who would do that? If I got shot, I would just f*cking quit. That's the guy I am. ... He just never gave up, no matter what people say about him -- there will never be another street king immortal. He loves the streets, he respects it and the streets almost took him. That's why he respects it so much."

5. Beyoncé Knowles-Carter

Bow down, b*tches. Beyoncé is back. When you least expected it, the pop icon returns with snippets of two brand new songs. Queen B reclaims her throne on the Hit-Boy-produced "Bow Down," telling the competition to have a seat. "I took some time to live my life/ But don't think I'm just his little wife/ Don't get it twisted, get it twisted/ This my sh*t, bow down, b*tches," Mrs. Carter proclaims on the heavy-hitting anthem.

***In case I was not clear enough with my "NO COMMENT!! LOL!!!!!" stuff, I am going to find a way to peep that Spring Breakers joint this weekend. Not so much to laugh at Gucci failing in his scene but because I've peeped some reviews and it sounds actually pretty sick. Other than that, it's March Madness time and I've given up guessing who's going to come out on top of these things. Every year brings new surprises. Gonna keep it short and simple, enjoy the weekend and I'll catch y'all on Tuesday! --BB***

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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