Pulse Report: Cons & Joe Prove Reality TV's Awesome, 40 Glocc Sicks Judge Judy On Game, Waka Flocka Flame's TV Jump-Off

Friday, Mar 15, 2013 1:30PM

Written by Bulldog Butters

In this week's Pulse Report, Consequence and Joe Budden prove why we need reality television in our lives, 40 Glocc gets his "Judge Judy" on against Game, Waka Flocka Flame's "Boy Meets World" hottie is money in the bank and oh SOHH much more is going down!

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

1. A Jump-Off's Consequence

Okay, so give me a pass for that wack headline, that's just me trying to be witty an incorporate Joe Budden's old "Jump-Off" tag and Consequence's rap alias. Bottom line? Reality TV does NOT suck! For all these years we've complained about "Basketball Wives," "Flavor of Love," "Marrying the Game," and pretty much any other reality television show that's premiered on Vh1 but something very special happened this season: RAPPERS WENT OUTTA CONTROL! In all honesty, most of the antics took place after those episodes aired, but the bottom line is Consequence and Joe made us all have our Tivo game on point and checking the blogs for more behind-the-scenes footage. Well, before we could all get blown away by this "reunion" show stuff, the craziness went down this week with Cons smacking and then Tahiry snuffing but before Budden.....eh, let's just start from the beginning:

Cons sends a message:


"Just Smacked The SH*T outta @JoeBudden at the #LHHReunion Everybody have a Nice Day.... #QueensAllDay," Cons tweeted March 12th. (Consequence's Twitter)

Now I don't know about y'all, but when I caught wind of this tweet, first thought was, "Why is doggy bragging about smacking somebody?" Honestly, last time a smack was hot probably dates back to "Baby Powder" off of 2001's How High. SMH. It didn't take long before Joe put everything into focus:

"We're at the reunion, we're filming, I've been doing this reunion all day long and we probably won't be done until 10 o'clock," Budden said in an interview. "They're breaking right now, they're getting the next group of audience members in there. I'm in a room with security standing all outside the door. It was a break and I grabbed Tahiry because me and her be fiending to go smoke a cigarette, so we're headed out and someone just runs up behind me and hits me in the back of the head, with their hand. I turn around because I'm thinking this is a girl that did this upset about something I said during the filming and it's him and he's running away now. So now he's real far away from me. Apparently he hit me in the back of the head while I was walking away, Tahiry snuffed him and then he ran off and then eight security guards came and grabbed me off. [laughs] A spectacle happened. [Injuries?] No, no, no, not at all. I don't have anything. ... I honestly thought this was a woman doing it." ("The Angie Martinez Show")
"What's funny is he ran to go tweet about it and in the tweet he said, 'I just smacked Joe Budden. Queens. Everybody enjoy their day.' So this is from the Hot 97 footage, when I approached him at the station over there. Yeah, so, apparently he didn't like the backlash he received from it and this was his way of saving face, but -- Tahiry was directly next to me as we were walking, she turned around and hit him. ... The VH1 cameras don't ever stop rolling. Actually, I think they're trying to get me and him on stage to see what his issue is. I'm not going to do nothing but invite him to the bathroom." ("The Angie Martinez Show")

Wait, so Tahiry showed how Dominicans get down and threw a punch in? Budden made sure to check Cons too!

"Cons you pressing charges??? Absolutely Not!!!," Cons tweeted late March 12th night.
"Actually I laughed at that sh*t!!!"
"@JoeBudden Y'all hit like b*tches #straightlikethat Actually Tahiry hit me harder n*gga. I told the Police that I don't press charges." (Consequence's Twitter)

Whoa! Did y'all see how Cons got thrown though? I still can't get over Tahiry punching Cons. It must have left an impression b/c he even tweeted about it. Wonder what she would say about this whole incident?

"We had a little two minute break and as Joey and I were walking out, somebody flies over my head," Tahiry explained. "Joe was walking out, it was all unexpected. I jumped up, he jumped up, security rushes him to the other side of that room and the police forgot about [me] and right when security managed to get hands on Consequence, who was running in the opposite direction, I, you know, I reacted. It's human nature. Well, like I said, Joey didn't even get a chance [to defend himself] -- he basically jumped on Joey's back. I thought it was a girl -- I expected that from a woman. I'm just saying [I thought it was] a woman in general, not everybody likes each other on the cast." ("The Breakfast Club")
"You're not going run around macho and think you're going to run up on anybody like that," Tahiry added. "At this point, [Jen the Pen] should stay in her land and I'm over here. At the end of the day, you can't just creep up behind somebody. What man does that and not expect to get some hands put on him? It's just retarded." ("The Breakfast Club")

Confused yet? Well, by the time this post goes up, I'm sure a lot of other things will have popped off. Wait, wait...Consequence has HIS take? And what's this, an alleged male lover accusation too!?

"It boils down to respect and lack thereof," Cons explained in an interview. "I'm from Queens, New York and we only deal with the facts. So let's deal with the facts. The number one thing is, I don't run from nobody. Why would I smack somebody and then run, but stay there to get jumped? I never ran from nothing. Let's keep that clear. That's the part he came and told you Angie is that I hit him, Tahiry snuffed me, and then I ran. Nobody ran. I'm not gonna run from Tahiry. Unfortunately, when I smacked him, from what I was told by one of the stylists or production people, when I extended, it hit Tahiry. So she reacted and she hit me. And that's a girl hitting me. And I like Tahiry. Shout out to Tahiry. It felt good." ("The Angie Martinez Show")
"Joe, I guess because he was so excited, he left his phone at the crime scene. The thing is, you're going to love where this is going -- I'm making sure I've got everything that I need to have and look what I got, Jen showed me his phone. Look, first text, it's from Raqi Thunda. ... Next call and text, from Kaylin. ... Then there's a Rita person. ... Then there's somebody named Derek. And Derek is basically saying, 'Don't do anything stupid. We're hanging on by a thin thread. I will come see you after the reunion. I love you and I miss you.' And I guess he must have told Derek 'Hey, why don't you come to London Wednesday?' And then there's emoticons of an engagement ring and a baby. Here's what I'm saying, we live in New York. It's 2013. ... We never met anyone named Derek on any episode so I think we should make 'Who's Derek" a trending topic. ... Ain't no cameras Angie. And here's the thing, --I was so disgusted I broke the phone. I just threw it, broke it. Listen, but I still got proof. I still got proof. Don't get it twisted. I don't lie. ... I'm man enough to say I don't know if Derek is actually a man, but I'm going to tell you this, when homeboy gets back, 'Joey, you got some explaining to do." ("The Angie Martinez Show")

What ever happened to "NO COMMENT" y'all? SMH. And once again, while we're caught up in all of this silliness, Vh1 is putting those clips together and preparing to write-up new contracts for the next season. As much as you hate to admit it, this is pretty exciting. It's like a dope hip-hop soap opera b/c neither Cons or Joe are suckers or punks, they actually have some street cred to their names. We'll see where this takes us, but for now enjoy the ride!

2. Why Can't We Be Friends?

Don't take this the wrong way, but since 5-0 Cent is so concerned with G-Unit being a group again, why are 40 Glocc and Game still going at each other's necks? Wouldn't they be better off having their own sort of reunion and breaking bread together? Oh yeah, I almost forgot, it might have something to do with the fact that Game not only whooped 40's behind last summer but it's the fact that he recorded the whole thing on camera! LOL. Remember when Dave Chappelle used to have that "When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong" segment? What did Game think would happen from recording that beatdown and then running away when the cops came through....ALL ON HIS iPHONE?!?! LOL! Just when we forgot about the whole thing happening, 40's legal team went right at Game's pockets:

40-glocc-game-2012-10-27-300x300.jpgLegal Gavel

Rapper 40 Glocc is gunning for $4.5 MILLION ... and his target is The Game. TMZ broke the story ... Glocc sued Game over a street fight between the two rappers, which went down in July outside a Hollywood Hills mansion. Game subsequently posted footage of the brawl on YouTube, showing him whaling on Glocc. At the time Glocc filed the suit, he didn't specify how much he wanted, but now we know. Glocc just filed legal docs demanding a cool $4.54 million. Here's the breakdown: -- $500,000 in pain and suffering -- $500,000 in emotional distress -- $750,000 in lost earnings -- $2 million for punitive damages -- $25,000 in medical expenses -- Various other stuff (TMZ)

LOL! I can respect the hustle, going for over $4 million? You took a slight beating, 40, but a $4.5 million worth though? LOL! But if you let him tell it in his own words, you might be convinced:

"As far as the lawsuit, I looked at it as what he did. He didn't do that as no street sh*t. I looked at it more of he did it as an entertainment purpose. So if it's an entertainment purpose, 'Hey, I'm an entertainer. I get paid to entertain.' You made that fake a** movie, and made a fake a** edit. Lied about everything that took part, but you did it to assassinate me. And as an entertainer I'm like I get compensated. You know I do movies. I done did movies, films, TV, videos. So I get paid to entertain on that side of it. And at the same time I seen it as like if that was some real sh*t and it wasn't entertainment purposes, you wouldn't have recorded no sh*t like that and put it out for that because that's like letting the authorities know." (VLAD TV)

One simple fact abotu this whole entire thing is that the only acknowledgement Game has provided is a retweet of the lawsuit story by TMZ. I think it's safe to say Game might be playing it safe this time around! LOL! In other words, he's following my "NO COMMENT!" lifestyle.

3. Moment of the Week: Waka Flirts W/ Topanga

I don't care what anyone has to say about this post, because I'm giving the moment of the week to Waka Flocka Flame. He really made me consider signing back up and trying to holler at Topanga a.k.a. Danielle Fishel. Some of y'all might not be old enough, but back in the day "Boy Meets World" was a pretty ill show during that whole TGIF on ABC thing. Topanga wasn't cute initially, more so the nerdy girl in the cast but with each passing season, you could tell her sex appeal was coming into true form. Keep in mind, I was a little kid at the time too. LOL. Call this a Mrs. Butterworth in disguise of a "Moment of the Week," but D*MNNNNNN!


Twitter is such an incredible tool. Out of the blue today, Waka Flocka Flame decided to reach out to Danielle Fishel, the actress who plays Topanga on Boy Meets World. Perhaps he had just seen the pictures from her Maxim cover shoot. Maybe he was just trying to compete with Gucci Mane, whom has been linked with Selena Gomez in recent days. For whatever the reason, Flocka tweeted at Fishel, saying simply, "squadd." Fishel responded almost immediately, asking what "squadd" meant. After Fishel got an answer from a random spectator, Waka continued the conversation with another simple tweet, "Whaddup doe?" "Oh, not much. Just working," Fishel answered. "Waddup with you?" Flocka never did respond, but Fishel reacted to the conversation, shocked not only by the fact that she was talking to the Brick Squad rapper, but also to the reaction of everyone witnessing the conversation. (Complex)

I can't even begin to describe how jealous I am that Waka got to do some playful-type tweets with a girl most of my lunch table talked about wanting to smash back in middle school. LOL. Clearly a huge moment, especially considering that shot from her Maxim spread.

4. Mrs. Butterworth: Kaylin Garcia

I've had a crush on almost every single female cast member on "Love & Hip Hop" and I've got to say, the one weirdest crush I've had is on Kaylin Garcia. I don't know what it is, she seems thick and nice in all of the right places, but there's something that's thrown me off. I've told my fellow doggies about this and they've come up with some chuckles and suggestions. One said it's her teeth, which I can kinda see, the other said it's her height, which doesn't really make a big difference to me. I kept getting all these suggestions and finally gave up. But then, looking at something by a Bossip or Media Take Out, I forget, I finally found out what it was. She's 20 years old!!! I mean, really? I knew there was something funny. Now 20 is by no means a really, really, really "young" age, but when you put her along a Joe Budden or all these other older chicks, it makes sense. So here's to Kaylin, forever young.




She's been featured in Mrs. Butterworth before, but there's no way she wasn't coming back in here with these shots she's been posting up in Instagram as of late. LOL. And you already know the video routine:

She's a killer.

5. Rappers Say The Darndest Things

There was so much chaos this week that it really took me a long time to compile a top five list of your favorite doggies saying the most silly stuff they can think of. No worries though, I came through with flying colors starting with Ne-Yo's ex-wifey claiming she's owed money b/c people call her "gold-digging b*tch" and a wreck more? Isn't that what Amber Rose has dealt with for the past three years? SMH. Then there's Tweet saying she's going after Twitter. Tweet, you can't even be serious right now. Lil' Kim, you were always my fantasy jump-off, but stirring up some buzz about you having unreleased Notorious B.I.G. records? Nah, you don't get a pass and I gotta put you on blast for getting my blood pressure boiled up! How about Fabolous showing love to Kobe Bryant. SMH. I'm cold-blooded when it comes to sports, you have ONE team and stick to them! How's he repping the Knicks and Nets AND Lakers? Huh!? Finally, J. Cole, you're a talented artist, why put yourself on blast by dissing MTV's "Hottest MCs" list? LOL. Y'all already know what time it is!

1. Jesseca White

jesseca-white-ne-yo-2013-03-12-300x300.jpgLegal Gavel

Jesseca alleges she told Ne-Yo at the time she gave birth she wasn't sure he was the father, but Ne-Yo went on VH1 and claimed she tried to aggressively defraud him. As a result of the show -- which was a "Behind the Music" about Ne-Yo -- Jesseca says people have called her all sorts of names, including "c**t," "bitch," "pathetic" and "gold-digging bitch." She also claims her career as a photog and a graphic designer has been torpedoed. Jesseca is suing for unspecified damages.

2. Tweet

tweet-2013-03-12-300x300.jpgCrying On Twitter (Drake List)

"No. If anything, Twitter would have to change something up," Tweet said when asked if she would consider changing her music alias. "I was here first, and they took everything that I brought to the table. I brought the bird, the name and I will never change. I've been Tweet since I was a little girl. It's not a phase name, that's who I am. My father gave me that nickname, so no way am I changing that at all. [A lawsuit rumor against Twitter?] No, it's no rumor. I didn't go that far, yet. [Did I think about it?] Yes, there is a case, and there is room for that. I haven't really pursued it fully yet."

3. Lil' Kim

"Actually [Diddy] and I have started to work back together, because I'm the female face of Ciroc [Vodka], 'cause I do have some songs with Bigge on in. ... Even though Big is my family, to be able to do something again with him now, it seems like it's always such a pleasure," Kim said in an interview with DJ Whoo Kid. "I was around greatness. I was his biggest fan and that don't happen. You don't get linked up with the person you look up to. You know, crazy, so that was a blessing for me. ... I remember his old deejay 50 Grand, years ago, he came to me years ago like, 'Kim, I got some stuff that nobody's ever heard before,' and he gave it to me and it's some crazy stuff on there."

4. Fabolous

"So you guys still think the Lakers are going to make the playoffs," Fab asked in an interview. "Let me tell you something. I'm actually a Laker fan, like I'm a quiet Laker fan. I'm not from LA, so I don't preach it as much, but I really, I grew up loving Kobe Bryant's game and the Lakers and stuff like that. But I'm a little skeptical in them making the playoffs. I'm hoping what I'm saying is some motivation. I'm hoping this interview gets out. My inner Laker fan wants this to be a motivational turn for them. ... Like, in the locker room, they're going to play this over and over. You gotta win, man."

5. J. Cole

During an interview with DJ Drama, Cole sounded off on his exclusion. "Somebody's gonna die," he joked before getting serious. "I don't know, but I don't really give a f*ck. It is what it is. Think about it, from what they say, it's the past year, I've had a quiet year." However, he still believed that he deserved a spot in the top 10. "I should be on there," he said, while adding, "I don't give a f*ck, DJ Drama. They're f*cking dead, and I'm gonna kill them." He agreed with a lot of the other MCs that made the list including 2 Chainz and Drake, but didn't want to give the creators any extra shine. "We shouldn't talk about this anymore. They want this. F*ck these guys," said Cole, who didn't understand the logic behind the list. "Future doesn't even give a f*ck about Kanye," he said. "They don't even interrupt each others' lives and they're not competing on the same level."

***I still can't get over Waka Flocka Flame getting his flirt on with my girl Danielle Fishel! LOL. Where they do that at? He must have had the family over watching some ABC Family clips or something, otherwise, he definitely had a copy of her new Maxim issue! I don't know about y'all, but I'm ready for the baseball season to kick off and those summer blockbusters start creeping up. There's plenty of dope gems out there like Kick Ass 2, Iron Man 3, I won't lie, I'm even kinda excited about the upcoming Superman flick. But first things first, this cold weather has to go! LOL. I'll catch y'all on Tuesday! --BB***

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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