News: Birdman Reveals Every Detail Of Lil Wayne's Condition, Reveals Seizure's Real Cause [Audio]

Monday, Mar 18, 2013 9:25PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Cash Money Records boss Birdman has stepped forward to publicly speak out on his longtime protégé Lil Wayne suffering a serious seizure last week and provided a full account of what exactly went down.

According to Birdman a.k.a. Baby, no foul play or drugs contributed to Wayne's unexpected seizure.

"He had a seizure, Tuesday night," Birdman told radio host Angie Martinez. "We really been in the hospital since Tuesday and you know all this stuff people saying, there's no truth to it at all. He had a seizure and we went to the hospital and we been there ever since. He's doing much better and he's in great shape right now. ... He never left [the hospital], he never left, first of all. He never left and came back. We've been in here since Tuesday. To me, honestly, [the seizure's] just [from] his work ethics. Just how he put in and how he believe in and how hard he work and how much dedication he give to music and to his fans and what he's trying to accomplish in life. It had nothing to do with drugs. No such thing as that, to me, he just works around the clock. He's a hard grinder for this music. But it wasn't nothing about no drugs." ("The Angie Martinez Show")

He also revealed rest is the best prescription doctors are providing Weezy F. Baby.

"We was watching a game when all that popped off," Birdman added, referring to initial reports of Weezy being on his deathbed last week. "There was never no truth to that. He was never in that kind of situation throughout that type of situation -- it was never nothing like that. They freaked the world out with that. We were on the way to shoot a video when it happened and we already knew, the second or third time, we just laid him down and called the ambulance. [It happened at the house.] ... The ambulance came [and we went to the hospital]. ... It's nothing they can cure, it's out of our control, live with and contain. They can't tell you nothing but get some rest and change what you've been doing. They got some meds to keep it from coming [back]." ("The Angie Martinez Show")

Prior to Baby's update, reports claimed Wayne had finally been released from intensive care.

TMZ reports that Wayne's doctors determined that his condition had stabilized, allowing the 30-year-old rapper to be moved out of the intensive care unit and into a regular room at the hospital. Sources tell the website that he no longer needs the intense, 24/7 treatment he'd been receiving since suffering a series of frightening seizures after a suspected codeine overdose from his abuse of "sizzurp," a mixture of cough syrup and alcohol. The new report indicates that Wayne has been walking around the floor of the hospital on his own, though accompanied by a security team. TMZ also reports that he's now eating on his own again, adding that he could possibly be discharged from the hospital in the near future. (Hollywood Life)

Young Money president Mack Maine has also stepped up to reveal why they have yet to release a full statement on what took place.

"He's in the hospital regularly, [not ICU]," he said. "I can't really give a comment on his situation right now 'cus we're not really sure, we're just standing by him right now. Like I said, he's in recovery as far as we know, so we're just sitting back, just waiting until he's come fully recovered before we can give a statement." (XXL Mag)

Check out Birdman's interview:

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