Guest Star: "As Far As Hate, I've Got That Before I Was Famous"

Thursday, Mar 14, 2013 4:30PM

Written by SOHH for Audubon

[As reality television continues to dominate pop culture, MTV's "Washington Heights" cast member Audubon speaks on the show's main goals, killing the stereotypes and if the fame has impacted his grind as a hip-hop artist.]

The main goal of "Washington Heights" was to show the world we existed. I feel like [New York City neighborhood] Washington Heights has gone under the radar but it's been mentiond by pretty much everybody including Jay-Z, but nobody's really put a spotlight on us.

I felt like we were doing so much for our videos and a lot of people are only seeing the drugs and murders, so we wanted to show there are people that existed in Washington Heights that were trying to be better people. I wanted to show them it wasn't about trying to get over on somebody, we wanted to show a group of friends.

It was the first time you got to see a group of friends on camera that knew each other before the cameras, so we had that special bond. We kind of wanted to make history, to be honest. Three out of four of the creators are Hispanic. We just wanted to show the world you can be Hispanic-American and still make an impact.

I'm starting to blow and now there's an emergence of rappers coming out of Washington Heights that are actually making moves now. Before, we saw people come and go, but now, you have a whole bunch of new artists and a lot of them are really trying to make it happen.

I've been doing this for a long time and it just so happens I got to it first but it's good. It's a healthy competition and nobody's trying to sh*t on anybody else. There's nobody saying, "I'm better than you." Everybody is getting together and realizing it's about getting Washington Heights out and not so much about representing your particular blocks.

Since the show started up, I'm definitely more careful about who I bring around in my circle. Not too much has changed. I'm still with the same dudes and you have to realize people are always going to treat you differently. As far as hate, I've got that before I was famous. I'm not even worried about that. If you have haters, that means you're doing something right.

As far as changes in my lifestyle, slowly I'm starting to see some changes but I'm mostly seeing it on social media. That's where it's crazy. I posted up, "What city do I need to go and perform in?" and I got responses from literally every city in America and outside of America, even Alaska, Puerto Rico.

That's the biggest thing I've experienced. My music's finally made it out of the Heights.

Audubon is a hip-hop artist currently on MTV's "Washington Heights" reaiity series. His new single "The Subsitute" has landed across the Internet and even on top platforms like Hot97 TV and more. He has been mentioned in various online publication and continues to grow a steady following. For more on Audubon visit and Youtube/audubonave and follow him on twitter @audubon_

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