Singled Out: "We Couldn't Get Drake To Be There So We had To Shoot Him In Toronto"

Tuesday, Feb 26, 2013 5:26PM

Written by SOHH for Fresh Daily

[SOHH highlights a hot record each Tuesday and offers a unique look at the track in Singled Out. After Mike "Trauma" D broke down "Start A War," Brooklyn's Fresh Daily dishes out his cameo in Kendrick Lamar's new "Poetic Justice" music video.]

I put out a project called The Brooklyn Good Guy with Converse in March of last year, in conjunction with Complex Media Network. When I did that, it kind of just continued this relationship with Converse. From there, I went on to do a couple of Converse block parties and I recorded the entire project at Converse's studio in Brooklyn, at Rubber Tracks.

I also ended up doing the South by Southwest Converse showcase with the Cool Kids and Kreayshawn, so over the past year, it's just been this working relationship with Converse and it's been a beautiful thing. They helped keep me fresh every day. But the newest addition they've done is a program where they chose five artists and gave them a budget to shoot a video and they paired them with up-and-coming directors.

So the video I shot was "Submarine Bass Face" from Brooklyn Good Guy and the producer of that, a friend of mine, Kimberly Sanchez, I hired her to produce the video since I had a budget. If you ever peep the video, it's really dope, clean and high-end. So that helped Kim put it into her production reel and that landed her the Kendrick gig.

Once they needed extras, she hollered at me. One thing turned to the next thing. It was turning one opportunity into another one. And when she showed the director of the video the last video that she worked on, he was digging my sh*t, so it just turned out to be a cool thing all together.

It was fantastic editing. I was an extra, originally, and I guess the director utilized there was another emcee on the set. There were a few other cameos on the set but it was just master editing. Some cats are there, some cats weren't there. We didn't shoot that in Compton. It was just great editing which speaks volumes to what a great videographer and editor he was.

He just took a scene of me being a background dude and edited it into this really fancy storyline. We couldn't get Drake to be there for the shoot so we had to shoot him in Toronto. Initially, we basically pieced together this incredible storyline and I got my Doughboy on.

Everything looks way more sinister in slow motion. It either looks way more epic or way more sinister. If there's a love scene, put it in slow mo. If there's a death scene, put it in slow mo.

I'm in the scene chewing gum and he was able to capture that moment. I think it's an awesome video. I have to shout-out everyone for that video. I think Kendrick is in my top ten favorite emcees currently right now.

He's one of the few emcees in my location that I feel I can relate to on a lot of different levels. I didn't grow up in Compton, I grew up in Brooklyn. But it's these issues he's able to talk about in a very talented way.

Shout-out to Kendrick, it was a pleasure being a part of the video.

Good music, dope flows, fresh tees and kicks define the personal style of Brooklyn native Fresh Daily, a rising lyricist who is taking an impressive multifaceted approach to hip hop. As an emcee, graphic designer, this artist's persona and prowess make it hard to disagree with his self-proclaimed title of himself as "the New Jack of Brooklyn boom bap". Of his rap moniker he says: "Fresh Daily just fits me right, I stay fresh all day, every day, with the rhymes, with the style". Under the former name, Ill Tarzan the lyricist gained notoriety on the NYC underground circuit.

Check out the "Poetic Justice" music video:

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