Underrated: "Like Jay-Z Said, Numbers Don't Lie. You Can't Lie On My Sh*t"

Tuesday, Feb 5, 2013 12:15AM

Written by SOHH for Erick Sermon

[As Valentine's Day approaches SOHH's highlighting artists so in love with the man in the mirror they decided to speak on why they feel they are unappreciated. After Ca$his gave Twista the title last week, Erick Sermon crowns himself SOHH Underrated.]


Erick Sermon is SOHH Underrated. My accomplishments are unmatched [compared to any other artist.] Even half of my stats [can't be] matched.

It's everything. You've got to look at what I've done with my production, in groups, number one albums, number one singles, there's nothing you can do with that. There's only a few artists that can hold what I'm holding.

I'm not just making this stuff up. You can look at my stats on paper. Google me. My stats don't match. Do you know how many times every day I get from people, "Yo, it doesn't make any sense how people don't mention your name [as one of the best]." How can they not?

But I've never had a manager and I've never had a publicist, so without that, there's no way of keeping people informed of what I was doing and what I am doing. Again, you get lost in the sauce.

I remember I used to hear Jermaine Dupri all the time. I was shocked when people didn't mention his name and all of the accomplishments he did. But you've got certain people who don't look at certain artists like that.

People ask me in the streets, "Oh, I didn't know you made beats." I'm like, "Huh?" Some people are like, "So, you know Redman?" It's the craziest sh*t ever. It's incredible. But that's what it's about.

Even some of my own colleagues don't even know, they'll pull up certain records and not even know I did that. It's cool though because now it's the producer's time. The producer's name is just as big as the artist but back in the day it wasn't.

I was telling my publicist, "Yo, I don't think you know what type of client you have." In actuality, they can't hold a stick to me." Years have passed by and so I have to explain that to people. In actuality, you can't lie on my paperwork. Like Jay-Z said, numbers don't lie. You can't lie on my sh*t.

Erick Sermon, also known as Erick Onassis, (born November 25, 1968 in Bay Shore, New York) is an American rapper, musician, and producer. Sermon is best known as half of late-1980s/1990s hip hop group EPMD and for production work. He currently resides in Hauppauge, New York.

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