Underrated: "In Life, They Only Remember The Winners"

Tuesday, Feb 12, 2013 12:05AM

Written by SOHH for Tha Bizness

[As Valentine's Day approaches SOHH's highlighting artists so in love with the man in the mirror they decided to speak on why they feel they are unappreciated. After 8Ball crowned himself and MJG last week, Tha Bizness' Dow Jones crowns his crew SOHH Underrated.]

Tha Bizness

For SOHH Underrated, it's Tha Bizness, man! We're on the road to being the greatest, we're getting there. Until you say we're the greatest everyday, we're always going to be underrated.

That's how we feel. That's how I'm feeling and that's what we're rocking with. The Grammy recognition and working with big artists are just wins for us. We've won series. We've won small championships but we're trying to be the greatest in the world, man.

Until you get that and until everybody gets that, looking at all of the artist work that we've put in, we're still underrated. We're always going to be underrated and that's what propels us to keep getting these number one records and keep getting this success.

It's about us still having that chip on our shoudlers and not being the dudes that are just cool in the club all day long talking about, "Oh yeah man, they're playing my songs. We're trying to go to the club and have them playing every song and have every song be our joint. That's what we're trying to go to.

I don't know what everybody else is trying to go to because that's what we're trying to go to. That's what the greatest is all about. We're trying to win every time.

We're trying to put the greatest projects out, lead these new artists so they can be the greatest they can be. It's all about winning. In life, they only remember the winners. Only the winners go up on the wall.

Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, the production duo, who are cousins, were inspired by artists such as Teddy Riley, DJ Premier, Mannie Fresh . Upon graduating with a degree in Business Management from Morehouse College in Atlanta, Dow returned to Seattle, searching for an opportunity in music, while putting his degree to good use. Ultimately it was his biggest influence, a member of the original Rock Steady Crew, that allowed Dow to see deejaying as an actual art form, inspiring him to launch a career in music. J-Hen however, had been focusing more on being a keyboardist and producer. Realizing they had reached a certain level in Seattle that couldn't be surpassed, they decided to take their career's to the next level relocating to Los Angeles in 2002.

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