Guest Star: "If You Love The Nude Strip Club Scene, Make Sure You Go To Club Dreams For NBA All-Star Weekend"

Friday, Feb 15, 2013 3:30PM

Written by SOHH for Lil Keke

[As celebrities start pouring into Houston, Texas for NBA All-Star Weekend, local Swishahouse rapper Lil Keke gives SOHH readers an idea of what to expect for the next 72 hours.]

The focus is going to be big. It's going to be big with anticipation but we've done it before and so we're prepared. The thing about it is Houston is a big city and we ball hard out here.

Get ready because the cars are going to be out, the jewelry's going to be out, we're going to welcome everybody the right way. The one thing about this NBA All-Star Weekend is that it's going down in H-Town so people are going to see a lot of stars already.

You're going to be seeing NBA stars and local stars everywhere. It's going to be a nice, natural blend.

Whatever you do, if you love the nude strip club scene and you love all that, then make sure you go to Club Dreams for NBA All-Star Weekend. But honestly, it's going to be popping everywhere.

There's so many new spots, anywhere downtown. The streets are going to be packed and flooded with people. We have a lot of deejays that are going to be spread all out in the area. Anywhere downtown is going to be good but for the Atlanta people who love [strip club] Magic City and King of Diamonds and all that, make sure you go to Club Dreams because it's going to be crazy.

You can look for me over at Dreams. I plan on being there for sure and I'm going to be at Hard Rock Cafe, it's going to be a star-studded weekend. I'm going to do a little work but at the end of the day, I'm going to do a lot of chilling so I can enjoy it.

As artists, we always have so many events and we're busy. Hopefully I won't be running around and can enjoy it.

A member of the loosely organized Houston-based rap collective known as the Screwed Up Click, Lil' Keke quickly proved himself to be one of the collective's strongest artists, debuting in 1997 with Don't Mess wit Texas. By the time of It Was All a Dream (1999), Keke had become one of the hottest young rappers in Houston and continued to record albums annually.

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