Underrated: "His Project Is Probably One Of The Best To Come Out. Period"

Thursday, Feb 21, 2013 12:05AM

Written by SOHH for Rockie Fresh

[Each week, SOHH asks two entertainment personalities to name who they feel is the most underrated emcee in hip-hop. After EA-Ski gave himself the title earlier this week, Maybach Music Group rapper Rockie Fresh crowns Fabolous and Andre 3000 SOHH Underrated.]


Who's the most underrated? That's a real good question. I think guys like Fabolous and Andre 3000 are really underappreciated.

I think Fabolous has put out a lot of classic projects but on top of that, he put the single game on lock in a lot of ways. He and Nelly were kind of killing them with the number one hits as I was coming up. I'm still coming up, but as far as when I was super young. I think Fabolous is super consistent.

When it comes to Andre 3000, I think his Love Below project is probably one of the best albums to come out. Period. I feel like just off the strength of that, all of the verses he's contributed to songs going all the way back into the day, he was great.

He really put out one of the best albums that I've ever heard with The Love Below. With that, I feel like that put him on another level in hip-hop and then more recently, he's returned to do music with other artists.

So I've got to put both of those guys in SOHH Underrated.

From the same stomping grounds as greats like Kanye West and Common, and of the same generation as up and comers like Kid Cudi and Drake, this young artist knows he has a lot to prove to the music world and there is no doubt that he has the talent to do so. Speaking of his motivations as an artist, Rockie notes that he not only wants to share his music with the world, but also wants to "encourage people to [to be] comfortable with the way they are." Rapping about everyday life, Rockie gives us something to relate to, a rare gem in the music world of glitz, glamour, and spectacle.

Check out Fabolous & Andre 3000's music:

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