Singled Out: "You're Supposed To Be Able To Pull Off Something Like That & Make It Work & Make It Fly"

Tuesday, Jan 15, 2013 12:05AM

Written by SOHH for Ice Cube

[SOHH highlights a hot record each Tuesday and offers a unique look at the track in Singled Out. After Sadat X broke down his new "This Is Our Thing" smash, West Coast rap veteran Ice Cube cools off his "Come & Get It" NFL Pepsi anthem.]

Pepsi reached out knowing how much of an Oakland Raiders fan I am. They asked if I was interested in doing this anthem campaign that they had. We pretty much thought it was just going to be something that played inside the stadium but after they debuted it, people really got a chance to hear it and they wanted a chance to check it out.

So the track started growing outside of just being played in stadiums and it started getting played on commercials and there's about five different anthems [from other musicians]. It just became something dope to become a part of.

Not only am I doing this for my association to the Oakland Raiders, but doing this with Pepsi, it's been one of America's favorite soft drinks for the longest. It just felt right to have something new and fly out there. It was all gravy to me.

I wrote the track here at my house. I've got a spot I like to go to and write. It's a spot I go to when I write most of my songs.

All those names I mention in the song, they were all in my head. I know the history of the Oakland Raiders, I've been following them since 1980 so I know all those players that I entioned. I got a chance to either see them play or hear about how great they are. I just wanted to be able to put them all into one verse and pull it off.

This is like what an emcee's supposed to be able to do. You're supposed to be able to pull off something like that and make it work and make it fly. That's what I tried to do.

What I tried to do was write all the names down and figure out how I was going to make them all flow together.

Rapper. Producer. Actor. Icon. That's the only way you can summarize the career of Ice Cube. The Los Angeles born entertainer has had one of the most iconic careers: one that includes legendary rap groups, blockbuster movies, and a growing television career. While Ice Cube has shown he's a jack of all trades, his claim to fame started with his critically acclaimed rap career which has him on the list of greatest of all time. Throughout his career, there has been one thing that has been prevalent in all things Ice Cube: his love of sports, especially the Oakland Raiders. Cube made the Oakland Raiders hat synonymous with his look, so it made choosing an artist for the Raiders anthem pretty easy.

Check out Ice Cube's Pepsi page and "Come & Get It" music video:

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