Guest Star: "When People Think Of Me, They Think Of Crip Walk, They Think Of Gangsta Sh*t"

Friday, Jan 4, 2013 2:15PM

Written by SOHH for WC

[With the glory days of gangsta rap groups like N.W.A. killing the competition fading away by less violent hip-hop cliques, Westside Connection's WC gives SOHH readers a take on his own tough-guy rap persona in this new era.]

You've got to realize [the gangsta content in the music] is pure with us. It's pure and it's real.

Even though we're not going back and forth to jail right now, we're not out here posted up on the block everyday, we're not out here in gang wars and sh*t like that, we are a product of our environment and we all come from lifestyles whether you were active or affiliated.

We come from that and I'm still very well in tune with what's going on in the community, in my neighborhoods. I know what's going on and when I speak, I don't speak just for myself, I speak for my community and the people that are going through the struggles.

I speak it through my perspective. Everybody isn't wearing Chuck Taylors, everybody isn't always wearing this sh*t everyday. Even I don't wear it everyday. But when you hear it and see it, it's coming from the perspective right there. That's me giving my perspective on what's going on and for the people that's out there that need to hear a solution.

I'm giving my solution to how we can solve this sh*t right here. That's just my perspective. Everybody has their own perspective or ways they want to tell a story or what's going on in the area.

But at the end of the day, all WC can be is WC. When people think of WC, they think of Crip Walk, they think of gangsta sh*t. When they think of Ice Cube, they think of gangsta rap because they know he was right there with N.W.A. when he kicked that sh*t off.

We're not gonna change. We might do records that might be softer than others or that might not be what someone expects us to jump on because you can't just pigeon hold us. You can't just put us in a box. We're going to jump around with it.

But at the end of the day? It's going to be gangsta and the lyrics are going to be hardcore. That's just the way we get down.

WC is a rapper most known as a member of Ice Cube's Westside Connection group alongside Mack 10. He also has music dating back to his days in rap groups Low Profile and WC and the Maad Circle. With over two decades of music to his name, WC has put out nearly five solo albums and handfuls of group projects. In addition to music, WC has been featured in films including Friday, Set It Off and Belly 2.

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