Guest Star: "We're Number One W/ No Radio, TV [Or] Interviews. We Don't Have Anyone Co-Signing"

Wednesday, Jan 16, 2013 2:17PM

Written by SOHH for Dawn Richard

[With her Bad Boy Records days now behind her, former Danity Kane/Dirty Money singer Dawn Richard reveals to SOHH readers what expectations she has for her new, long-awaited GoldenHeart solo debut.]

I'm never meeting any of my expectations. Never. I'm a perfectionist so that's never going to happen.

I'm already thinking about what we need to do next. People fail to realize that we are independent so our rules don't really apply to what the machine or what you think we're supposed to sell. There's all these things like people saying, "Oh, you're going to flop because you didn't do these numbers. You only sold this much."

We're not even out there. We don't even have music on the radio. We're doing it a whole different way and I think the rules don't apply to us. We're moving in a whole different element. We're number one with no radio, no TV, no interviews. We don't have anyone kind of co-signing.

This is all based off the fan base. This is all about the movement of people who just decided to rock with us regardless. It's just a rage against the machine type of thing. We're not wanting it to be that way but people are just kind of calling it that because we don't have a label. But we didn't go and say, "Oh, we don't want a label." We looked at it as "This is a project that we have, no one's really signing us so this is what we'll do."

What's come out of it is this incredible masterpiece. We haven't even given the rest of the world an opportunity to see that.

New Orleans, Louisiana native Dawn Richard, the daughter of Chocolate Milk percussionist and vocalist Frank Richard, released her first solo material under the name Dawn Angeliqué. The album Been a While, recorded while the singer was attending the University of New Orleans and working as a cheerleader for the NBA's New Orleans Hornets, came out on the Yeah! Brother label in October 2005, around the time she made her first appearance on Making the Band 3. The third edition of that reality series produced Danity Kane, a group that released two Billboard 200-topping albums, Danity Kane (2006) andWelcome to the Dollhouse (2008), prior to splitting. Then, along withDiddy and Kalenna Harper, she became one-third of Diddy-Dirty Money, a short-lived group that debuted in 2009, released an album (2010's Last Train to Paris), and then a mixtape (2011's Love Love vs. Hate Love) prior to ending in 2012. While the group was active, Richard continued to develop her solo career. A mixtape (2011's The Prelude to a Telltale Heart) and EP (2012's Armor On) preceded her second official album, January 2013's GoldenHeart.

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