5 Reasons Best Of 2012: Sol Republic: "Our [Headphones] Are The First Interchangeable Headphone That You Can, In Fact, Change Every Single Day."

Friday, Jan 18, 2013 12:00AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for Kevin Lee

[If anything went big last year, it was certainly the headphones game. From Dr. Dre to Ludacris, every artist branded their own pair of luxury listening devices. But just because artists had the business on lock, doesn't mean the actual companies didn't either. Sol Republic headphones made its stake in the reverberation market as the first set of headphones with the ability to change headbands on a whim. So forget noise cancellation, this brand's giving you a way to change your look everyday. If you're still looking for the right head gear to rock with, check out Sol Republic's CEO, Kevin Lee,  top five reasons to buy the first brand with interchangeable headphones.]

1. Noise Control

The most important reason is: "sound matters for quality." Music is powerful, and sound matters for music--if it sounds better, the music is better. It really is about the sound. Not all headphones sound good; in fact, most headphones don't.

2. Full Proof

Most headphones break, [but] ours don't. Our headphones are virtually indestructible.

3. A Fashion Choice

Today, people have to make choice in brand and style with their headphones. It used to be it didn't really matter, and it only mattered that those that chose to [care]. But [now], it's like everyone makes a choice in headphones. Headphones are a fashion figment, but not a fashion expression meaning you can't choose what your headphone looks like everyday.

4. The First Of It's Kind

Our [headphones] are the first interchangeable headphone that you can, in fact, change every single day. All our headphones are interchangeable, and they're not that much money.

5. 100 Reasons To Buy

Nobody's done [what we've done] for $100. Nobody's made a headphone that looks good and sounds good for $100, and that was our biggest goal--let alone that they've virtually indestructible and let alone that they're interchangeable as a fashion expression.

You Decide. Will you purchase the Sol Republic's interchangable headphones?

To preview/purchase the collection, just click here.

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