5 Reasons Best Of 2012: Samsung Galaxy S III: "We're Gonna Give You Five Things This Phone Can Do That No Other Phone Can Do!"

Wednesday, Jan 23, 2013 12:00AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for Samsung

[2012 was the quite the year for technology, especially went it came to the battle of the phones. The Samsang Galaxy S III put up quite a fight against Apple's iPhone, but even after losing a lawsuit, the billion-dollar company still came out on top. People across the world were asked, Galaxy S III or iPhone5? And while many iPhone users may have seemed brand loyal at the time, the S III found its way to the top outselling the Apple product in multiple countries. So if you're "that guy" that's still stuck on the iPhone, check out what five things Samsung has to change your mind.]

1. All Share Play Group Cast

[What this feature] allows you to do is--in real time--share a PDF, a presentation or a bunch of pictures with a bunch of people sitting around with the same phone. So basically, if you ever walk into a meeting and don't have the projector or something like that, now you can share instantly through phones. [People] can all slide back and forth across the pictures in real time.

2. S Beam

If you've ever shot a video on your phone and you're wondering how to get it to somebody [because] you can't email it, it's too big, you can't post it...and you're wondering what you do. With S Beam, just by touching the too phones back-to-back you can transfer large files, music, photos, videos [and] all of that stuff just by touching [them together].

3. Pop-Up Play

This is video, picture and picture. Just like on your TV, you can watch a video while doing other stuff on your phone. You can minimize a window, move it around the screen, text, email and surf the web all while doing that stuff.

4. Smart Stay

If it's working properly, nothing happens. Say if you're reading an article or surfing the Web or reading a book or something--if you're looking at it too long, you're device will time out and go dark--but Smart Stay is smart enough to know if you're watching the screen. It keeps the light on so you don't have to worry about touching it or turning the light back on.

5. Share Shot

If you and five of your friends go to a sports event or a party, and everybody's like, Send me the pictures! Nobody ever sends the pictures. So what you can actually do is link your six phones together, and as you're taking a photo they're showing up in your friends' galleries. As long as you guys are around the same place, [pictures] will share automatically across the phones.

You Decide. Will you cop the new Samsung Galaxy S III instead of the iPhone5?

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