5 Reasons Best Of 2012: New Era, Haze Collection: "Unlike Anything That's Ever Been Released Before...This Collaboration Represents A Pretty Perfect Marriage."

Sunday, Jan 20, 2013 12:00AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for Eric Haze

[Hip-hop couldn't exist without New Era, so how could anyone think the best of 2012 could go on without naming the New Era Haze Collection? Eric Haze was named as one of New Era's flagbearers in August. He's a famed graffiti artist, and partnered with the legendary cap brand to release a signature collection of headwear. With signature clothing and a must have brand, Eric Haze tells readers the top five reasons why this collection is a must-have.]

1. New To The Streets

It's a fresh, new look for both New Era and Haze. They're both unlike anything that's ever been released before. So it's a hot, new product with fresh, new designs.

2. Perfect Product Collaboration

People are [always] interested in New Era, and people are specifically interested in my work and my designs. This collaboration and this kind of project represents a pretty perfect marriage between what I represent as a designer, what we represent as a brand and really has my fingerprints on it in terms of the artwork being created organically.

3. New Partnerships Make A New Era

This is a fresh back-to-school release. The flagbearer campaign is running now, and the capsule release will be in September. [After back-to-school] we're going to continue the product collaboration. I think New Era is beginning to spread its wings in terms of these relationships. We've produced stadium jackets and T-shirts as well. The T-shirts will be for sale, and the stadium jackets will used as promotional items.

4. In-Store Signing

On Friday, September 7, we'll be having an in-store event where I'll be signing caps for people who buy the hats that day. For a back-to-school bonus, [people] get me to sign a cap for them when buying them onsite.

5. History In The Making

This collection gives fans--who have followed my work--a new way to see my work, and gives them a new piece to add to their collection [of my work]. I've got a long history in the world of design, I've got a fairly long history in the way of product and branding and I've been doing a balancing act over the last ten years.

You Decide. Will you purchase the Eric Haze cap collection from New Era?

To preview/purchase the collection, just click here.

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