5 Reasons Best Of 2012: NBA 2K13: "Jay-Z Has His Biggest Ex-Foes On The Best NBA 2K Ever"

Wednesday, Jan 16, 2013 11:30AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

[It's day three of SOHH's best-products-of-2012 countdown, and how can we continue without including one of the best games to take over televisions, break up relationships and bring friends closer together. The highly-anticipated NBA 2K13 game finally hit stores' shelves, and SOHH writer, Cyrus Langhorne personally took the time to test out the basketball masterpiece. Helping you win one virtual b-ball game at a time, find out Cyrus' top five reasons you should have purchased this must-have title.]

1. Jigga Man, Ya Heard?

If the cliché "Don't judge a book by its cover" was ever wrong, it may be with NBA 2K13. Before you can even bust open the game's packaging, "Executive Produced By Jay-Z" is literally on the cover. As a gamer, you may not really have an interest in seeing this but for all basketball heads, we know the connection between the NBA and music. Needless to say, Jay-Z's stamp on this game exceeds its own expectations once you put in the game. How about listening and watching to Jay's "Public Service Announcement" as the intro, with Young Hov literally performing and NBA 2K13 in-game action takes place all simultaneously? The rap mogul's flashy name on NBA 2K13 not only lives up to the hype but matches the same in-game quality you would come to expect from a new Jay-Z album.

2. Best Off-Season Yet

There's no more competition anymore, or so it may seem. The days of NBA 2K going head-to-head with NBA Live/Elite are long gone. But instead of just getting fat and providing mediocre gameplay, 2K Sports took the time since NBA 2K12 dropped and placed ample time into the gameplay. From the analog stick now becoming a deadly weapon, when used correctly, for sick crossovers to players having their own signature moves? You couldn't ask for better improvements for a game which has proven to be in a class of its own.

3. Friend Or Foe

Going back to Jay-Z. No disrespect to past 2K titles but the average NBA 2K gamer is a hip-hop head. We may appreciate a couple R&B tunes here and there and some occasional alternative/rock, but just like those sports arenas, we want to hear hip-hop. Jay-Z delivers. On the game's soundtrack (which I scrolled song-by-song), Jay-Z has his biggest ex-foes like Prodigy and Nas on the best NBA 2K ever. There's Nas' "Illmatic" and Mobb Deep's "Shook Ones, Part 2" to let you know Jay is thinking about the gamer and not his own personal conflicts. Even past his ex-rap rivals, Jay relies on tracks like Kanye West's "We Major" and his Rihanna-assisted "Run This Town" to keep the vibes pumping. And no worries, there are still non-rap tracks available courtesy of Coldplay and others to keep any and every music lover happy.

4. You Ballin' Or Fallin'?

Sure there's the little things like a revamped MyCAREER Mode, MyTEAM Mode, and other modes to keep you happy but the bottom line is ONLINE. If you have never picked up a copy of NBA 2K before, you will have no idea how improved the online feature is. The biggest thing which made my eyebrows go up is as you go against an opponent, during the load-up screen you are given specific details about their gameplay. I am talking about their win/lose streak, their weaknesses/strengths, how often they use a zone/man-to-man defense, etc. Then you add in the smooth online gameplay too? The time for bragging rights is now. Go Knicks! Go Nets!

5. Take It To The Top

It's about your squad. No matter where you live at in the world, you have a favorite basketball squad. We may have experienced one of the biggest off-seasons in recent memory. Teams are dismantled, teams are revamped, teams are old, teams are young. You have Kobe Bryant and his Lakers expected to make it to the Finals, you have a Jeremy Lin-less New York Knicks faced with age factors, you have a hungry Boston Celtics team looking for respect, you have Oklahoma City Thunder ready to prove they want another shot at King James and his Heat. There are so many real-life storylines, including a Brooklyn Nets team which has plenty to prove, and NBA 2K13 lets you sit in the driver's seat and either have those dreams come into fruition for your team or suffer the consequences of defeat. Ball up.

You Decide. Will you purchase NBA 2K13?

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