5 Reasons Best Of 2012: Michael Jordan Motorsports Apparel: "[The Brand] Is Authentic - Only 23 Pieces Per Design [Are Created]."

Monday, Jan 21, 2013 12:00AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for Kreig Robinson

[Michael Jordan is a legend, so when he does something great it's a must to include in a year's top moments. In this case, the unforgettable No. 23 has transpired to more than just a timeless jersey, it's become the number of exclusive apparel items he sold via his Michael Jordan Motorsports apparel line. If you didn't know, the North Carolina-bred athlete not only loves motorcycle racing but owns his own motorsports team as well. Last year MJ decided to release a new line of high-demand-low-supply gear to his undying fans. If you didn't cop the gear then, we bet you wish you would have. But in the meantime, catch the top five reasons his 23 pieces of apparel were a must have.] 

1. Extreme Exclusivity

[The brand] is authentic. The products are exclusive, [and] very low quantities are being produced. Only 23 pieces per design [are created].

2. MJ's True Passion

Motorcycle racing is one of Michael Jordan's true passions--outside of basketball of course. MJ grew up riding dirt bikes, and when he retired from playing basketball he began riding motorcycles again. That led him to the racetrack, and from that he founded this team. We're completing our 9th season this year.

3. Sleek & Clean Design

The apparel is is very clean [and] sleek--nothing extra--just like our race bikes. Sometimes things can get very cluttered, but we wanted something that speaks to how envision our race team.

4. True Celeb Attire

Outside of our official uniforms, this is something you'd definitely see us wearing around town, traveling across the country to races or just hanging out. You would see our riders going to their interviews and public appearances, debriefing with their crew chiefs and engineers trackside, all while wearing the MJ Motorsports apparel.

5. Limited Access

[As] one of Michael Jordan's true passions, [the brand and apparel] is always evolving. You'll see a lot of new products [released] throughout the year. [And with such exclusivity], you can only get this gear at www.23race.com.

You Decide. Will cop Michael Jordan's latest athletic gear?

To preview/purchase MJ's motorsports apparel line, just click here.

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