Guest Star: "Many People Think I Have Something Against Meek Mill But I Don't"

Saturday, Jan 19, 2013 10:55PM

Written by SOHH for Jomo K. Johnson

[With this week's unexpected news of Philadelphia rapper Cassidy and his hometown's Pastor Jomo K. Johnson hooking up for a joint music project still buzzing, the religious leader sets the record straight on how they met up, his current status with Meek Mill and more.]

I recently started a Non-Profit Publishing company called GGIS. ( We work with ministries, non profits, and independent authors in literary creation. One of the things GGIS has been focusing on is creating Book Biographies for Musicians.

Cassidy has been in the news lately because of the battle with Meek Mill. But I also know that Cassidy dedicated his life to the Lord while he was in prison. I remembered how Cassidy survived a serious car accident. It then came to me, Cassidy has a story to tell. I contacted his management about creating a Book Biography and doing a joint album with me for charity. He agreed to both.

Meek Mill.

Many people think I have something against Meek Mill but I don't. That battle is over. Meek went on BET and apologized, I accepted and moved on. I think the Meek Mill situation last summer [over the "Amen" controversy] is something we all can learn from, but I'm not staking my ministry on any one person except Jesus. I wish Meek Mill the best.

Music and Book Project.

Cassidy's book should come out in late March or early April. I think alot of people will be surprised when they read it. They will learn thinks about Cassidy that they never knew. (Including the meaning of the number 118). The joint music E.P. will feature 8 songs and will be me and Cassidy, feature some other well known artists. All the proceeds from the album will go to Philadelphia charities.

This project is going to be very unique. It is the first time that a Pastor has combined with a Rapper to create a positive spiritual album. People don't know that before I became a Pastor, I released four albums. While my focus is still on ministry, I'm glad for the opportunity to get back in the studio and lay it down with one of the greatest MCs to ever come out of Philadelphia.

Jomo Johnson - born 1980, is the Founder and Co-Pastor of Philly Open Air Church in North Philadelphia, He is a licensed minister in the Presbyterian Church of America. He holds a B.A. in Biblical Studies from Beacon University and is a current Masters of Divinity student at Westminster Theological Seminary where he serves as the President of the WTS Preaching Club. As an avid writer, he has written several other books including, "Letters To Charles: Cordial Letters to and from an Atheist Friend." He has written articles for WEC Youth Mission Paper, which is distributed to various parts of the world including India and West Africa. Jomo is also a Recording Musician that has recorded 2 Gospel Music Albums, "Never Forsaken" and "D.R.A."

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