5 Reasons Best Of 2012: Madden 13: "See Skip Bayless React To A Draft Pick You Make"

Saturday, Jan 19, 2013 12:00AM

Written by SOHH for EA Sports Team

[You can't remember the best products of 2012 without including Madden 13. Hours of endless trash talking, drinking or football equals a product no one can forget. With the long-anticipated Madden 13 game finally available, the EA Sports team gives you five reasons to master Madden 13 because the next game will be out soon.]

1. Hard Knocks

From tackles to blocking the new Infinity Engine deliver physics you can feel on every play. Weight, momentum, muscle tensions and more are calculated during every interaction. Hits will look harder and interactions will look more natural. From the snap to the whistle expect to see an extra layer of authenticity on every play thanks to the new Infinity Engine.

2. Run That Play Back

Thanks to the Infinity Engine predetermined outcomes are history. The new balance system will require you to wait for holes to open up and strategically choose where you run. Players now realistically fall, stumble and recover throughout all aspects of gameplay. Blockers can also influence tackles by getting between the ball carrier and defender to allow you to gain extra yards. Thanks to the emergent nature of the Infinity Engine, you will have to play to the whistle and fight for every yard in Madden NFL 13.

3. Hut, Hut, HIKE

Whether you're new to the franchise or a seasoned veteran, Madden NFL 13 with Kinect allows you to quickly and easily call audibles on offense and defense by simply using your voice. Beginners will now have the ablity to make simple calls without navigating menus, allowing for easier access to the commands you hear on the field in the NFL. Experts will be able to use voice commands in combination with their controller to add extra adjustments and edge out the competition. Either way you look at it, Madden NFL 13 is better with Kinect.

4. Post-Game Conference

Madden NFL 13 features a complete audio overhaul featuring a new commentary engine and team. Phil Simms and Jim Nantz are brought to life in true 3D just as you would expect on TV. Crowd and player audio is also all new, using authentic sounds from NFL Films. Hits and QB cadences are brought to life with audio recorded at NFL games.

5. It's Going Deep

Madden NFL 13 introduces the deepest career mode on the market and for the first time in history, you can play in an online league together with 32 other friends as an NFL coach or player. Want to be Tim Tebow, RGIII or Calvin Johnson, Jr? Go right ahead. The innovation in Connected Careers is unparalleled and when you see players AND coaches come out of retirement, draft rookies, go through career defining changes in branching storylines or see Skip Bayless react to a draft pick you make in our virtual Twitter feed, you'll be floored. No other game has given you the ability to control a single player while battling head to head with a friend that is controlling an entire team. Connected Careers allows you to play your career mode however you want, whenever you want. Did we mention that Connected Careers also has a website that allows you to keep track of your career? Or that you can setup a real league Twitter account for your league and get text message alerts for important league news? We guarantee that from the minute you turn on Madden NFL 13, you'll find it impossible to tear yourself away from Connected Careers.

You Decide. Will you purchase the new game?

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