5 Reasons Best Of 2012: Life Is Good: "If You Haven't Gotten The Album You're Playin' Yourself. [It's] Some Of The Best Production Nas Has Had In A Long Time."

Tuesday, Jan 22, 2013 12:00AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for Chris Atlas

[Life Is Good--even with the IRS on your back! And as SOHH continues to continues to look back at the best products of 2012, it's hard not to remember Nas' Illmatic 2.0. Life is Good is still a topic of discussion among hip-hop heads everywhere, and Def Jam SVP and Nas' Project Manager, Chris Atlas set the record straight when he said, "If you haven't gotten the album yet, you're playin' yourself." So hopefully you're not one of the select few who haven't purchased Nas' latest album off iTunes or gone to the store for the hardcopy, we're letting Chris Atlas remind you of the five reasons to do so before the day is up!]

1. Production

The production is incredible. [It's] some of the best production Nas has had on his album in a long time. His A&R team really did a great job at corralling the right production team to make an album for Nas that was bar none. [It's] one of the best he's had in a long time.

2. The Truth

It's an honest album. It's an honest, personal, real, up close look at Nas--at who he is, and at what he's talking about. It's just a real album. Nas has been in such a zone in terms of recording this album, and what he wanted to do with this album that it's really evident in terms of the lyrics on the record, subject matter and the production to match.

3. A Hip-Hop All-Star

It's Nas! He's one of the best lyricists, MCs, artists of our generation and he deserves your support.

4. Illmatic 4.0

The comparisons between this album and Illmatic make sense because if you look at Illmatic in terms of the beginning of Nas's journey to Life Is Good and where Nas is now, there can be some comparisons in terms of the things he referenced in that album vs. the things he's referencing in this album. Nas has always been the type of artist that reflected on his journey in life, and I think that Illmatic and Life Is Good represent two pivotal point of that journey in his life.

5. Life Is Good

You need good music in your life. If you haven't gotten the album yet, you're playin' yourself. This is one of the best albums of 2012, and as a fan of hip-hop and supportive of hip-hop--when albums come along like Life Is Good, we need the fans and the culture to support it. People always question what's going on in hip-hop; hip-hop is dying; hip-hop is playing itself out, so when a record like this comes along, it's really important that the hip-hop culture really supports it because at the end of the day that's all we have in continuing to make good music.

You Decide. Will you cop Life Is Good or will you keep playin' yourself?

To preview/purchase Life Is Good, just click here.

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