5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: KR3W: "From Laz Alonso To Zach McGowan."

Tuesday, Jan 8, 2013 1:00AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for KR3W

With the help of Lil Wayne and other hip-hop heavyweights, skateboarding has really been put on the map this year. But whoever thought skateboard culture would combine with high-end fashion? Well, thank goodness for KR3W, the skateboard-born clothing brand that has something to fit everybody's needs. From their Relaxed Denim to custom accessories, today's shoppers can go from an after-work dinner meeting straight to the skate park. And did we mention their long list of celebrity cosigns? If you're looking for five reasons to restock your wardrobe, check out KR3W's top five reasons to buy their chic and sporty brand.

1. The Denim

We've got denim in all fits and sizes, and we have just as many colors to match. From our Klassic Denim to our K Slim Taper Denim, we've have everything our skater fans need to ride their boards in comfort and style.

2. Exclusive Graphic Designs

With a background from streets filled with skateboards, it's hard to find high fashion, quality clothing that's sturdy enough to take on hip-hop's growing sport. But KR3W has it all: from various KR3W-designed tees to shirts with lips drooling for the brand, skateboarding's latest brand has it all exclusively for you.

3. Unforgettable Outerwear

KR3W has a solid selection of coats and jackets for consumers this season. From varsity jackets to 2-tone Herringbone Wool coats, this brand's variety out reaches the competition.

4. Accessories For Everything

Most brands are only known for one thing, but KR3W has it all. With custom belts, fitted hats, wallets, watches, socks and beanies in stock, there's no reason to walk out the door looking a mess.

5. Celebrity Touch

It takes a lot to show you've got what it takes to compete in the big leagues, especially when it comes to fashion. But with a few celebrity endorsers on deck, proving your worth the to rest of the world doesn't seem so bad. KR3W is being worn by celebrities across the board including Laz Alonso, Terrence J, Nick Cannon, Romeo "Lil' Romeo" Miller, Michael Kenneth Williams, Zach McGowan, and more.

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