Guest Star: "It Was Funny Just To Be Telling This Dude, 'You're A F*cking Loser & I Just F*cked Your Wife'"

Monday, Jan 28, 2013 5:22PM

Written by Amber McKynzie for Common

[With the new Movie 43 scooping an easy $5 million at the weekend box office, featured actor Common narrows in on some of the biggest reasons why this comedy flick is a must-see.]

If you like crazy, outrageous, truthful, fun and comedy in movies then you're gonna love Movie 43. My favorite thing was working with Peter Farley, who did Something About Mary and Dumb and Dumber, and one of the things I do is with Seth McFarlane--he created "Family Guy" and all that--it was crazy working with him.

And it was fun, the spontaneity they allowed to happen, and just playing the character I played and not knowing what was going on with the other shorts as much and just knowing what's going on with your story was kinda crazy.

There was some part [of the movie] where I'm talking about f*ckin' this guy's wife, and it was fffuunnnyyyy. I really had to focus on it [when filming] 'cause it was funny just to be telling this dude, 'you're a f*cking loser and I just f*cked your wife.' It was bold!

This is [movie] is incomparable. It's incomparable to anything out there, man. It's its own unique film that's just really creative and has its own feel to it that's groundbreaking and fun. The movie got Kate Winslet, it got Halle Berry, Elizabeth Banks, Richard Gere, Terrence Howard, Hugh Jackman, Greg Kinnear, Seth McFarlane and myself! You need to go see it 'cause Common's in it.

Common is an actor/rapper who recently starred in the award-winning Sundance film LUV alongside Michael Rainy, Jr., Dennis Haysbert, Charles Dutton, and Danny Glover.

Check out Movie 43's trailer:

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