5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "If You're Freeloading & Living W/ Your Moms, This Isn't For You"

Monday, Jan 7, 2013 12:05AM

Written by SOHH for Sadat X

[With the new release of Love, Hell or Right, rap veteran Sadat X gives SOHH readers five reasons to dig into their pockets and cop his latest solo effort.]

1. Hi, My Name Is

It's Sadat X, new album out, Love, Hell or Right and the five reasons why I think you should get it starts with it being just out of respect. It's out of respect to Sadat X, it's out of respect to Brand Nubian. That's the first reason. I just think on the respect factor, hip-hop is one of the only forms of music where, for some reason, we feel like we have to put our elder statesmen out the pasture or something. You've got music in rock like Van Halen, the Rolling Stones and Mick Jagger continuously doing shows into their 60's and 70's and still selling out stadiums. I believe in hip-hop, people start saying, "You've got to stop doing hip-hop." What am I supposed to do, just turn the light out? Hip-hop is still defining itself.

2. X Marks The Spot

The second reason is because I think it's pretty dope music. It's dope rhymes. I believe that this is crazy. I worked on this album for about four or five months. I feel like the music was tailored toward the album. It was definitely thought out and I didn't just go pick a bunch of sh*t to be spitting it. I tailored it toward the sound I wanted it to be.

3. Mama Said Knock You Out

Number three, I think you should buy it because there's people out there paying bills. That's who I'm talking to. At this point in my career and everything, if you're not paying mortgage or a rent, then me and you don't really have much in common. If you're laying up somewhere, freeloading or laying up with mom and it ain't so much as laying up with mom it's just that if you not even helping mom, I know dudes who live with their moms but they're helping them with the bills and then I know there's people that's not helping out their moms and freeloading. If you're freeloading and living with your moms, not helping out then this isn't for you.

4. Entourage

Number four, it's all about the features. I've got a few nice features on here with Roc Marciano, N.O.R.E., A.G., my man Mysonne, Dres, Masta Ace came through, I feel for the feature effect you should get the new album.

5. Ask About Me

And then number five, you should get the album for my track record. Everything I've put out hasn't always been gold or platinum, but I got a better batting percentage [than most]. If I was a baseball player, my average is in the .300's. I'm a consistent .300's hitter but this year I might rise a little bit because I'm consistent with it.

You decide. Will you cop the new Love, Hell or Right album?

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