Guest Star: "Even Wiz In The Early Days, We Were Playing 400-600 Cap Venues & They Sold Out 5 Months In Advance"

Wednesday, Jan 2, 2013 3:40PM

Written by SOHH for Peter Schwartz

[With Young Money's Drake landing at No. 19 on Pollstar's Top 50 worldwide grossing tours with $40 million for 2012, renowned booking agent Peter Schwartz gives SOHH readers the inside on how much road shows play in artists' incomes.]

I think each artist is different. Some artists, you know, can float by on 'celebrity status' and endorsement deals but I think a lot of artists go out and tour as a big source of their income.

With the decline in the record sales in the record industry and the rise of digital [world], clearly a lot of artists in all types of different genres have looked to touring as a good, consistent source of income.

Then you look at other sources of income whether it's selling merchandise or maybe you're setting up VIP packages or additional things to add income there, touring is one of the more lucrative means of earning an income for musicians today.

It's definitely opening up [for artists to travel worldwide] now with the success of the Internet over the last few years.

Five or ten years ago, it was very hard for a new artist to just go over to Europe and tour there. You've got flights and buses and taxes and all types of things you have to look at so that, back in the day, people would really need a record label spending some money to bring an artist over there and break ground with some development.

But nowadays, the Internet's so strong that an artist can put out a mixtape on the web and be worth tickets in Europe right away. For example, we work with Joey Bada$$ and he hasn't really put out an album yet. He's got music on the web but he just went over to Europe and did his first tour there selling out five hundred and six hundred cap clubs his first time there.

And even Wiz [Khalifa] in the early days, we were playing four hundred and six hundred capacity venues and they sold out five months in advance and this was before the heat was really over there.

Peter Schwartz is a Vice President at The Agency Group in New York, as well as an agent representing a roster of musical artists in a variety of genres. Schwartz joined The Agency Group in 1993, after spending two years at the William Morris Agency. He has been at the company longer than any other current employee in North America and has been an integral part of the growth of the company from a small boutique agency to one of the most prominent music agencies in the world. In his position as Vice President, Schwartz helps oversee operations of the New York office. As an agent, he handles a very diverse roster of talent, including over 40 artists in the genres of Hip Hop, Children's entertainment, Pop, Reggae, R&B and DJ's (to name a few).

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