5 Reasons Best Of 2012: Emitt Smith's ES22 Reebok Sneaker: "Last Time [This Shoe] Was In The Market Was 15 Years Ago."

Monday, Jan 14, 2013 12:00AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for Sean Finucane

[2012 has come and gone, and 2013 is fully underway. But before SOHH can kick off another season of top-product promotion, we've decided to take a look back at the best 12 products features of 2012 and remind you just how good we got you! So today, we start with the no-longer-available Emitt Smith ES22 Reebok Sneaker. After 15 years in the vault, Reebok released the classic footwear in retro style. It hit Footlocker stores November 21, 2012, and shoe heads made a mad dash to stores across the country to get this exclusive sneaker before it went back into hiding. So if you didn't get them before, here are five reasons why you should have!] 

1. Taking It Back To The Old School

One of the hottest segments of the business is retro as it relates to the '90s, that's just the youthful consumer [right now]. For us, the ES22 has actually never been "retro'd," so that's a big deal. Last time [this shoe] was in the market was 15 years ago, so the first reason along [to buy this shoe] would be the fact that it's never been "retro'd" before. Not a lot of companies can say that within this business segment.

2. Emitt Smith

The second reason to buy this shoe is easy and simple. The fact that it was worn by Hall-of-Famer, Emitt Smith [is a perfect reason to purchase this sneaker].

3. Sneaker Technology

If you actually look at the silhouette, the side profile of the mid-sole, it features the original viz-hex technology back from the '90s. It's similar to the Question mid, which is one of the attractions to the Question mid, but this actually carries the same technology.

4. Nothing But Style

Going back to the '90s era, which really consists of basketball and training--and we [Reebok] were certainly a prominent player among both--but as it relates to the training segment, the ES22 is absolutely one of the most iconic training styles from the '90s. And to be specific, [this shoe] is from 1996.

5. One Of A Kind

The distribution plan [of this sneaker] is very limited, and the fact that it's never been "retro'd"...[it's] guaranteed that you won't be like anyone else.

You decide. Will you purchase Emitt Smith's ES22 Sneakers by Reebok?

To preview/purchase the ES22s, just click here.

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