5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: East Side Story: "All Ghettos Are The Same, But Every Hood Is Different."

Wednesday, Jan 9, 2013 1:05AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for DJ Big Stew

Hollywood is known for its filmmaking, but do the films ever show you what's real? Well DJ Big Stew is back with his latest film, East Side Story, which breaks down life in East Harlem--the real story, not what Hollywood likes to portray. With a dope soundtrack, it's hard not to want to cop this flick. But if you need some motivation, check out DJ Big Stew's top five reasons to buy East Side Story.

1. The Other Side Of Harlem

The No. 1 reasons people should go see East Side Story is because there's two sides to Harlem. When people see a lot of movies about Harlem they see the Cotton Club side, and that you mostly see when you see the movie Paid in Full, but there's the East side of Harlem too, which is a little different. East Side Story is gonna show the lifestyle and how kids grew up in East Harlem and what goes on [there].

2. Not Your Typical Hollywood Film

[This movie's] the comeback from Somebody's Gotta Die. A lotta people loved Somebody's Gotta Die, which was written and directed by my boy Moe Money and my boy Nat One. They did a great job because it had a plot that people didn't expect at the end. People should go see this film because it's gonna have so much that you just don't expect. It's not gonna be Hollywood, it's gonna be real.

3. Community Involvement

People should go see this film because it's done by a community. It's not no big name actors, and these people did a great job. These are kids in the community [in the film] that would otherwise be in trouble. We have a basketball program...that helps inner-city kids get out of trouble. We deal with a lot of gangbangers and stuff like that, and this film was another way for the kids to get with us and express themselves and get a lot of things off they chest.

4. For The Hip-Hop Heads

It's done by me [DJ Big Stew]. If you've seen Somebody's Gotta Die, you know me and my boys put together good movies and we put together good mixtapes. [Out upcoming] mixtape is gonna coincide with the movie. We got 110th Street, The Realaz, which they got a nice song called, "Somethin' Outta Nothing," that's buzzing really heavy on the Internet, we have Moe Money--not only does he star in the movie but he was a member of the Troubleneck Brothers. He's done songs in the past and the early mixtapes, [and] before Ma$e and The Lox and all them got down with Bad Boy all them was a group together. So we have a lot of guys that's part of this project.

5. Nothing But Support

It's an urban film done by young African-American and Latino brothers, and I think we should support each other and support film...and look at films from all our cultures across the board. I need to look at films that's in California and look at that community; there's different ghettos in Philadelphia and people that got different ghettos in L.A.; every ghetto is kinda the same, but every hood is different.

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