News: Cassidy Takes Credit For Meek Mill Blowing Up, Wants Apology For "Repo" Diss

Thursday, Jan 3, 2013 12:05PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Despite going at one another with diss records, Philadelphia rapper Cassidy is letting the world know he has no personal problems with former comrade Meek Mill.

According to Cass, the Maybach Music Group protégé used to rely on his input and penmanship for putting tracks together.

"He used to call my phone all the time, asking me to hear his music. I actually used to help him write his raps and give him information back in the day, but ever since he got his deal, things changed," Cassidy said. "He stopped calling me, stopped communicating, stopped doing records together -- it's like he was a whole different type of person. I reached out a couple times, I don't know if he was just busy or if he just changed, but it wasn't exactly the same as before he [got a deal]." (MTV)

Cass also said until Meek apologizes for making false accusations on his "Repo" diss song, fans will never hear them share the microphone again.

"I don't think I'll do a song [with him] again unless he really apologized for the things that he did, the things that he said," he added. "He dropped 'Repo' being real disrespectful, spreading a lot of lies about me, so unless he apologized and I feel as though it's a sincere apology, I don't think I'll do a song with him." (MTV)

Yesterday, the Philly emcee promised to clear the record and rectify his image.

"Believe half of wht U C & none of wht U hear! If GOD is 4 me, who can B against me? My video is coming to let the people know the truth!," he tweeted January 2nd. (Cassidy's Twitter)

Along with "Repo," Meek reportedly posted a photo of himself and Cass' mom onto Instagram a few days ago.

Anyway, Meek Mill may be taking things to another level on these social networks. The other day he posted a picture of himself and Cassidy's mother! First of all, shouldn't she be watching Oprah or something? Or maybe knitting? I guess not. Now, I am going to assume that this is an old pic that Meek dug up to get under Cass' skin but you never know! Even if it IS old, I think its a bad karma move to start putting parents and kids in the beef under any circumstances. (AHH Rumors)

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